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*(Art Intelligence is) a radically new way to connect Haring’s world and the art world—to your world* Scrawling graffiti in the subways. Dancing with ...

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*(Art Intelligence is) a radically new way to connect Haring’s world and the art world—to your world* Scrawling graffiti in the subways. Dancing with Madonna till dawn. Touring like a rock star, painting for the public, and raising awareness about AIDS, apartheid, and nuclear threats. Artist-activist Keith Haring made his mark in the “We Are the World” Eighties, and now—with Art Intelligence: Keith Haring—you can relive the era and revel in Haring’s hands-in-the-air approach to life, art, politics, and dancing. Art Intelligence’s groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind navigation system lets you immerse yourself in Haring’s world. Think visual wikipedia on steroids. The app not only brings you Haring’s art—in stunning high resolution—it also puts it into the context of Haring’s life and times: Three Mile Island, MTV, the Reagan years, fall of the Berlin Wall, New York’s club scene, and, finally, the tragic toll of AIDS that claimed one of the most beloved talents of his generation. APP FEATURES *Featured by Apple multiple times. Awarded the appoLearning Seal of Approval* Designed for the serious student and armchair art fan alike, Art Intelligence lets you get into art-your way, the artist's way, every way. 1. INTRODUCTION. Your first glimpse into the artist’s life and times. See the big picture before diving into the work. 2. GALLERY. Feast your eyes on the artist’s greatest hits and inspirations. A curated archive of high-resolution images at your fingertips. Up close. In-depth. Absolutely gorgeous. 3. TIMELINE. Navigate and explore two interactive, parallel time streams. Make connections between the art, the history and the world at large. 4. VISUAL BIOGRAPHY. Meet the artist, up close and personal. Experience the story of a lifetime, in words and pictures. 5. RESOURCES. A bibliography that give you access to all the resources cited within the app, so you can learn even more. ABOUT ART INTELLIGENCE The Keith Haring app is powered by Art Intelligence, the first and only app-building platform that makes it easy and affordable for art and education professionals to create mobile art experiences that connect people to pictures, images to ideas, and world-class art to world-wide audiences.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.2

Size: 1.13 GB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Art Intelligence, LLC

Day of release: 2013-04-2

Recommended age: 17+

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