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Art Intelligence: Patricia Piccinini

* A revolutionary series of iPad apps that connect art to movements, ideas, history - and you.* A virtual playground for your mindâ€â€as well as your ...

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* A revolutionary series of iPad apps that connect art to movements, ideas, history - and you.* A virtual playground for your mindâ€â€as well as your eyesâ€â€Art Intelligence gets you into art so art gets into you. Packed with more insight, information, and image-rich content than you'll ever find online, the Patricia Piccinini app lets you explore the artist's amazing workâ€â€and the genetic science behind itâ€â€using a four-part navigation system: 1. GALLERY. Over 250 high resolution images and videos at your fingertips. Up close. In depth. Absolutely gorgeous. The greatest hits and latest creations. 2. TIMELINE. Three interactive streams for you to explore. Art. History. Culture. Breakthrough discoveries that inspired the artist and changed the world. 3. CONNECTIONS. The links between the Big Ideas behind the art. The politics, the science, the culture, the controversies. Go beyond the headlines. 4. CONVERSATIONS. Join the debate. Hear what others have to say. Learn from each other. Commune in an open classroom without lecturers. Designed for the serious student and armchair art fan alike, Art Intelligence also gives you bonus features including: a biography of the artist, a hyperlinked syllabus, a curated list of resources, books, films, music, and related web sites to expand your Art Intelligence experience. Mutants and Hybrids and Clones…Oh My! You’ve seen the headlines. Scientists have cracked the genomic code - the code that makes us uniquely human yet connects us to all living thing. From test tube babies to designer genes, from Dolly the Sheep to Glofish and Enviropigs, new advances in genetic science are changing the landscape of life itself...and sparking a firestorm of debate. Proponents see the end of disease and starvation; opponents fear man-made contagions and race-breeding. Like it or not, the future is here. Everybody in the (gene) pool! Embracing this brave new world of possibilities, artist Patricia Piccinini creates a virtual nursery of human/animal hybrids, moon-eyed mutations, and transgenic creations. Her tender visions of art imitating life imitating science that already exists are raw, vulnerable, and all too human. They are the next generation of Frankensteins. Not monsters. Not mistakes. They are us. And, like us, they need love.


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