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World Artist's feeling for Japan has become beautiful Art Books "We want to deliver smiles with our Art" Art Tails is a series of Art Books app with ...

Discontinued App


World Artist's feeling for Japan has become beautiful Art Books "We want to deliver smiles with our Art" Art Tails is a series of Art Books app with works and messages from world creators. Japanese and world creators together have brought forth their beautiful art works for your enjoyment. The Art Tails project delivers heartfelt messages and images dedicated to cheer Japan heart's up. Modern Art pictures, graphic design works, illustrations, photographs, and author's texts have been put together in a number of Art Book volumes that you can view and enjoy with the Art Tails app. Any of the Art Tails art books containing an approximate number of 55+ high-quality images can be purchased for only 1 dollar. For detailed information please check the Art Tails project website at www.arttails.org You can also freely check a sample version of each book at no cost. If you then decide to buy the book, you can conveniently do so from within the app. After purchase, all images and their corresponding author's profile and messages can be freely viewed. They can also be saved into your device's camera roll so that you can use them as your device's decorative wallpaper*. Art Tails is a universal app which means you can use it in your iPhone and your iPad without having to pay twice for the books you have bought Volume 5 of Art Tails, "Snow Season Wishes", brings the spirit of the winter season to the Art Tails collection and delivers a message of healing, hope and the best intentions for the people of Tohoku and Japan through the beautiful works of 60 world artists and creators. And for the first time in the series, a large number of Japanese artists have joined with their overseas counterparts in wishing Japan a blissful future, a warm winter and a prosperous 2012. Enjoy the wonderful images, illustrations, messages, and photographs and join in the seasonal celebration! In a visual display of sympathy, support, and encouragement, the Volume 4 compilation of Art Tails "Image of Hope" presents a balanced mix of beautiful illustrations, conceptual posters, designs, and inspiring photographs, most of them purposely created by world and Japanese artists in a combined effort to bring a colorful message of hope and optimism for the people of Tohoku. Volume 1: "A Message for Japan 1" Volume 2: "A Message for Japan 2" Volume 3: "A Message for Japan 3" Contributing Artists: Kaeko Akaike, Scott Bakal, Ian Berry, Bill Carman, Willam Coupon, Takuto Endo, Leo Espinosa, Bernard Faucon, Nana Furiya, Amiko Furuya, Osvaldo Gaona, Anthony John Gray, Olaf Hajek, Kohei Hattori, Elmer Hidalgo, Lance Hidy, Hitomi Hiraoka, Hiromichiito, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Hitomi Itoh, Mizue KAI, Yuko Kanno, Mari Katogi, kei know, Hideki Kessoku, Yoko Kitami, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Chiho Makino, Aaron Meshon, Sheila Metzner, Mari Mitsumi, Tamae Mizukami, Ari Ogasawara, Sergio Olivotti, Ayako Otoshi, Belenmena Pachanga, Harry Pearce, Pavel Pecha, Daniel Pelavin, Takayuki Ryujin, Goro Sasaki, Max Skorwider, Chris Spollen, James Steinberg, Gwyn Stramler, Katherine Streeter, Gordon Studer, Yukari Suzuki, TAKAKO, Shuro Taniguchi, Mayumi Tsuzuki, Neal Turner, Miyuki Uzuki, Jukka Veistola, Massimo Vitali, Dan Winters, Akemi Yamafuku, Mihoko Yoshida, Megumi Yoshizane, Lourdes Zolezzi...and many more. Over 200 world artists have joined so far! Please check the complete list at www.arttails.org Enjoy the high-quality images and read the warm messages together with their author's profile by simply double-tapping on the image. * All images and text are the exclusive copyright of their authors. Even though you are free to view and use them for your personal enjoyment, any use of the images and texts for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the explicit written consent of their authors.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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