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"ArtSite is perhaps the most impressive art app out there for those in education. It allows students to create virtual galleries, find out some background ...

Discontinued App


"ArtSite is perhaps the most impressive art app out there for those in education. It allows students to create virtual galleries, find out some background on museum pieces and comment on work of other students. It is also a fantastic tool for teachers, who can download pictures from museum websites, and show material to their class when connecting their iPad to a HD TV. This app is cloud-based, allowing users to access it online or on a mobile device." 
- TabTimes.com, 15 Best iPad Apps for Education and Reference Materials - ArtSite starts you off with a 200 page Art Museum organized in 12 collections. Each page has an image, description, and a few project ideas. Teachers can add an unlimited number of new Museum pages as well as delete or change the included pages. - In the Gallery, students become curators of your own art collections. They explore the ArtSite Museum, choose a work of art, and then write a description. Students can also create Gallery pages beginning with a new work of art. - In the Portfolio, students display their studio art and writing. Older students create their own pages. Teachers can start pages for younger students.

 At the end of each year, teachers can save the best Portfolio pages to share with new students. Portfolio pages are searchable by year, class, and student. Students can link Portfolio pages from previous years or different classes.

 Teachers can change the featured artwork on the Portfolio search page. - The ArtBlog gives teachers and students the opportunity to leave comments on Gallery and Portfolio pages, forming an exchange of ideas. Teachers approve all comments before they are made public and can turn the blog on or off for each class. - ArtSearch is loaded with worldwide museum resources featuring free images and information. Teachers can add any number of links to websites organized by their choice of search titles. - Print and email Museum, Gallery, and Portfolio pages for an exchange art and ideas. - Teacher tools make it easy to customize ArtSite for different grade levels, monitor student Gallery and Portfolio pages, transfer students, and manage student registrations. - Recommended for age 7 through college. - Most pages have helpful tool tips. A printable in-app Teacher's Guide including step-by-step how-to movies is also included. ArtSite is a cloud computing app, so an Internet connection is required. Log in to share ArtSite from your iPad or desktop computer. Students only see the pages created by their own teacher and classmates. Please visit our website, artsitenet.com, for additional screen shots and information. ------------------------------------------------------ Here’s how it works: Register to try out ArtSite for free for 30 days. Then subscribe for only $9.99 per year (365 days). Student access is always free!
 Your subscription gives you access from any computer or your iPad. (Prices may vary in non-US app stores.) Teacher Registration: Tap the 'Teacher Registration' icon on the ArtSite home page to enter your name, email address, and a password. You will receive a confirmation email with setup instructions and a link to activate your account. (If you do not receive it, please check your junk folder.) Next, tap the 'Login' icon on the home page to log in, setup your classes, and find your access code. Student Registration: Students tap the 'Student Registration' icon on the ArtSite home page to register using their teacher's access code. (Teachers can also register their students by taping the ‘MyStudents’ link and then 'New'.)


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