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Arthur Finds a Friend

In the first Arthur`s Reading Adventure story, you will meet Arthur, an ordinary boy living an ordinary and somewhat lonely life. The Read With ...

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In the first Arthur’s Reading Adventure story, you will meet Arthur, an ordinary boy living an ordinary and somewhat lonely life. The Read With Me feature is perfect for grade school and ESL readers as they join Arthur in his search for a friend. Arthur is a resourceful youngster, and armed with his Bottomless BackPack, he has all the tools he needs to get himself out of sticky situations in a non-violent manner. The reader can help Arthur by drawing the object he has pulled out of the Bottomless Back Pack. Quick-thinking Arthur gives new meaning to “thinking outside of the box” as he uses an iPod to soothe an angry snake, a fishing pole and large hook to get off an island, or an eraser and a paint brush to cheer up a grumpy tiger. There are many more objects in his Bottomless Backpack that help him on his way to his new friend. Arthur eventually finds someone who is also lonely and in need of a friend. Throckmorton - an orange dragon living in a cold, dark cave. In exchange for flying Arthur home, Throckmorton becomes Arthur’s rather extraordinary friend, living in his bedroom, and sharing new adventures. Filled with humor and surprises, Arthur Finds a Friend features over 60 pages of colorful illustrations, likeable characters, and an engaging storyline. Playing with Arthur’s toys, making flowers dance and sing, or discovering hidden surprises is only a finger tap away. Key Features - NO In-App Purchases - NO Ads - NO tracking or requests for personal information - NO Links to the web or social networks - iPad and iPad HD compatible - Read WITH me for children 4+ and ESL readers - Turn pages with swipe or arror - perfect for ittle fingers - "FInger Draw" objects to help Arthur out of sticky situations - Cute and cuddly characters - no Grimm's Fairy Tale nightmares from an Arthur story! - Non violent! - Promotes reading with an engaging story line - Promotes problem solving Arthur Finds a Friend not only encourages reading, but also promotes problem solving and non-violent solutions. Sure, it would be easy to scare off a path-blocking tiger with a sharp pointy object. By listening to the tiger’s issues, in true King’s Quest style, Arthur can come up with an unusual solution that not only removes the tiger from the forest path, but makes him happy at the same time. Arthur FInds a Friend will bring an interactive touch of the extraordinary to your child's reading adventures.


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