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Parent Uses Parents can use the The Entire World™ of Flip Books App to continue articulation and language lessons at home or on the go. This App is a ...

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Parent Uses Parents can use the The Entire World™ of Flip Books App to continue articulation and language lessons at home or on the go. This App is a convenient way to turn a 10-minute car ride into a great time to practice speech and language. Educational Uses Students can use the Flip Books App to practice speech and language skills. This App is great for centers, small group work, one on one practice or for continued practice at home. This App is beneficial for general education students as well as with students with autism, Down Syndrome and speech and language delays. Speech Therapy Uses Speech Therapy starts with a tap of a button! Whether you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, this App can go wherever you go. The Entire World™ of Flip Books App works great for SLPs who frequently move between different classrooms and facilities. Use the App for single word practice with the first and third panels, phrase practice with the middle panel and use all three panels for sentence practice. As an added Bonus, the App is great for expressive and receptive language as well. Use the app to practice: Verb Tenses, Pronouns, Prepositional Phrases, Syntax, Sentence Formulation and Word Retrieval, Why/How Prediction, WH-Questions and Vocabulary Development. Pronouns: The first panel is convenient for teaching pronouns (he, she, they, etc) to replace the existing noun. Discuss why the correct pronoun is appropriate for each picture. Expressive Language Verb Tenses: The majority of the stories are in the past tense form, the middle panel is ideal for determining whether the verb is in the present, future or past tense. Prepositional Phrases: Use the last panel to review and teach prepositional phrases (on, in, at, to, etc). Syntax: Use the picture panels to discuss how sentences are constructed (subject-verb-object agreement). Sentence Formulation & Word Retrieval: Ask questions about the picture(s) and ask the student to describe the scene (e.g. “What is this picture?” or “Describe the person”). Why/How Prediction: Ask the student to predict what events he/she thinks will happen next to each of the character(s). Receptive Language WH-Questions: Who? What? Where? Those are the three main WH-questions that are answered in the three panels of each story. Quiz the student to test his/her comprehension of WH-concepts. Vocabulary Development: Some of the sentences may consist of difficult vocabulary words. Take the time to explain the definition of each word. The student will practice using the words by producing and labeling each picture. Optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The Entire World™ of Flip Books App is free to download and comes with The Entire World™ of AR. The full version of the app is available on the iTunes store. The full version of the The Entire World™ of Flip Books App includes: - The Entire World™ of AR - The Entire World™ of EAR - The Entire World™ of ER - The Entire World™ of OR - The Entire World™ of Recurrent R's and IRE - The Entire World™ of RL and Prevocalic R - The Entire World™ of R Blends - The Entire World™ of S and Z - The Entire World™ of SH and CH - The Entire World™ of K and G - The Entire World™ of TH, F and V - The Entire World™ of P and B - The Entire World™ of T and D - The Entire World™ of M and N - The Entire World™ of S, R and L Blends - The Entire World™ of W, H and L


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6

Size: 30.55 MB


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Developed by Tobii Dynavox LLC

Day of release: 2013-08-13

Recommended age: 4+

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