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Ascent Journey 2016

Ascent Journey 2016 is a unique and comprehensive publication where Atos, an international IT services company, presents its predictions and vision for ...

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Ascent Journey 2016 is a unique and comprehensive publication where Atos, an international IT services company, presents its predictions and vision for the technology that will shape business through to 2016. Building on the original Journey 2014 report that was published in 2010, Ascent Journey 2016 explores how a new set of major trends including the birth of the total data economy, a cashless society, social and shared innovation will start to reshape business and society by 2016. It showcases IT innovation that can bring the new efficiencies, relationships and ways of doing business necessary to revive the economy. Researched and written by the Atos Scientific Community, a global network of around 90 of the best business technologists within Atos, Ascent Journey 2016 identifies that economically sustainable relationships underpinned by trust will be key to pulling the economy out of recession. Changing demographics, as digital natives challenge established practices; globalization and the disruption of ever-shifting technological advances will result in new ways of working where traditional boundaries no longer exist, either between businesses or between businesses and their customers. Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO at Atos said, “Innovation through IT is having an enormous impact on both business and society. We are in a time of fundamental change and we must embrace the opportunities it brings. This is only possible through a new contract with consumers based on trust, and open and honest business practices. Ascent Journey 2016 illustrates the huge opportunities this will bring.” The journey to a world of enterprises without boundaries will require further openness in how we live, work and interact. There are clear examples of how new relationships built on trust are changing how we behave in and out of work: •The growth in trust between organizations that lead to Open Innovation will outdate the patent wars of 2012 and mean that companies learn to share skills to counter rising research costs and shorter product life-cycles. The growth of Generation-Y in the workforce will speed the adoption as they have grown up sharing across social networks. •The trust of consumers to divulge ever more personal information in the digital world, the increase in sensor data and the strong push to store all generated digital or digitized data, will lead to a Total Data economy where Pattern Recognition Strategies and Data Analytics will enable organizations of all sizes to improve their services and better predict future needs and opportunities. •The trust between consumers and business to share information in return for better services will lead to the emergence of an Economy of Internet Applications based on products being available without cash payment benefitting both parties. •The growing trust of consumers to make payments for books, games and magazines over mobiles and tablets evolving into a total acceptance of cashless payments in traditional stores and retail outlets bringing the Zero Cash Society ever closer. A digital world based on trust and mutually beneficial relationships will create the new services and business models needed to stimulate growth but will require careful brokering and management. In 2010, Atos published Journey 2014 - Simplicity with Control - and we have already seen the vision of Journey 2014 coming to fruition in numerous domains such as Connected Cars for smart mobility, Canopy for cloud, Zero E-Mail™, and blueKiwi for Social Enterprise Networking. Ascent Journey 2016 - Enterprise without Boundaries presents a new set of major trends and challenges, building upon the original thesis and already supported by a further seven White Papers. By making this vision available to our clients and by investing in areas related to the findings, we enable our clients to anticipate these trends and stay ahead of their competition.


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