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As we become more socially connected and interact with one another as part of an expanding global community we anticipate and expect that same kind of ...

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As we become more socially connected and interact with one another as part of an expanding global community we anticipate and expect that same kind of interaction with the many forms of entertainment that are available to us. On whatever level we choose to participate, we want to become a part of the experience wherever we happen to be, 24/7, whether it be movies, games, music, television, books, magazines or social media. Having spent a professional lifetime in the entertainment industry, I have had the incredible good fortune to see it from many different angles and vantage points. I began as a graphic artist designing trailers and on-air promotions in New York. From there I went to Hollywood, working in the studio system, rising through the ranks and branching out into marketing, development, acquisitions, production, distribution, sales and public relations. When I first created my website, my purpose was to pass on the knowledge and insights I have gained from my life, experiences and practices as a creative executive in this industry. Now, as the next generation of writers, artists, directors, gamers, producers, actors, musicians, marketers, etc. embark on their careers, I have this incredible opportunity to share these insights and empower them with this knowledge to help them navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the industry. I saw there was a strong need for it. If I had had something like this at my disposal when I first began my career it would have given me a window of insights and information as to what I was getting into and what could best suit my talents and capabilities. That is why, at this time, I decided to launch another “aspect” of Aspects of Entertainment, an e-magazine, available on the Newsstand app for the iPad. The iPad is a ground-breaking piece of technology, given its user-friendliness and functionality in today’s global, mobile society. As we’ve come to know it and use it, it is continually changing the way we read, watch TV, view a film, or listen to music. This was a personal as well as a strategic decision on my part. Many people follow me online, through my videos, blogs, and now first e-book, Perspectives on Entertainment, Pursuing Our Passion. As we interact, socialize, and gather information online with one another, I needed to be where they are. And it’s a personal choice for the reader as well, allowing for more convenience and greater mobility. I think the Newsstand app has far exceeded its original potential. With the evolution of the internet, books, newspapers, and magazines are giving way to websites and blogs that offer the same with more content and with a sense of immediacy and practicality. It provides the reader a much more accessible, effortless and affordable experience - a way of getting new and established publications on a device you have with you a majority of the time. As people socialize, exchange information and ideas, I knew this is where I had to be to speak and reach out to them. As the world of entertainment changes, entertainment content, in whatever form it takes -a movie, a game, a recording, an e-book, e-magazine, a video, site or blog - those who create and distribute the content must connect with the audience directly wherever they are. Users have the option to purchase individual issues, at $1.99 as they wish, or if planning to purchase multiple issues, a subscription for 6 months can be purchased, for $4.99. The subscription will automatically renew itself every 6 months, or until the user cancels.


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