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Inspired by all the great astronomy apps you`ve seen? Thinking of buying a telescope? Already have one and adding to your collection of eyepieces? ...

Discontinued App


Inspired by all the great astronomy apps you’ve seen? Thinking of buying a telescope? Already have one and adding to your collection of eyepieces? Need to know what you get from any given telescope-eyepiece combination? Astro View displays key performance characteristics of interest to all visual astronomers, whether new to amateur astronomy or highly experienced. And it does this in a uniquely cool way: * Output is mostly graphical, which is so much nicer than numerical readouts (of course, you get those too). Check out the field of view display - what you see on screen is what you get through your ‘scope, with the moon serving as a familiar reference. All very intuitive, easy to read, easy to understand. * All input is through a super-convenient, super-fast, multipurpose scroller, so there is no tedious tapping away at a keypad. * The interactively is lovely - watch everything update in real time to reflect the changes you make with the scroller. * All you need is on one screen, so there’s no entering of inputs on one page, then going to another to see outputs. * 13 different quantities are displayed! * Presets can be set to enable instant comparisons between different telescopes-eyepiece combinations. * Recommendations on equipment and further reading are included. Astro View is a great learning tool - the interactivity and graphical interface make understanding easy and pleasant for beginners. And a beginners’ guide is included (it is, in fact, an interactive tutorial). Experienced astronomers can just hop right in and and use Astro View. Astro View conforms to the design philosophy behind its sister apps for photographers, such as OptimumCS-Pro, so you know you’re getting a powerful, easy to use app that does its chosen task extremely well. Astro View supports the following gear: * Telescopes with objective diameter from 50 mm to 610 mm, selectable in 5 mm increments (or diameters from 2 inches to 24 inches, in 1/2 inch increments), and focal ratios from f/3 to f/15. * Eyepieces with focal lengths from 2 mm to 55 mm and apparent field of view from 30 to 110 degrees.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 13.02 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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