Discontinued App


With our app, you won`t be sitting around saying, “Well I don`t know… What do you wanna do?” We`ve researched, deliberated, ...

Discontinued App


With our app, you won’t be sitting around saying, “Well I don’t know… What do you wanna do?” We’ve researched, deliberated, and made some cut-throat decisions to compile our list of the best things to do in Portland. Our fun, interactive app lets you live it up at DrupalCon by showing you what’s going on at the conference and the hot spots to check out in Portland, along with making it easy to connect with other Drupal lovers. AtDrupalCon pulls information from the DrupalCon Portland site to access conference speakers, room numbers, descriptions and course level of difficulty. Conference sessions are accessible by track and day and time. Schedule information is automatically updated each time you open the app and pulls relevant conversations from Twitter to give you up to the minute DrupalCon updates.


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Version: 1.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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