Atlas: BIRDS of Planet EARTH

Great Pocket ATLAS for students, bird lovers, education reference - Get visual insights into mostly ALL existing BIRDS on this planet earth with over ...

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Great Pocket ATLAS for students, bird lovers, education reference - Get visual insights into mostly ALL existing BIRDS on this planet earth with over 700,000 text characters of detailed information. This App is a great pocket handbook for students or anyone interested to learn ALL ABOUT BIRDS! Professionally made content, photo and convenient grouping of Birds! Africa Africa/Asia Africa/Asia/Australia Africa/Asia/Europe Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia/North America Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia/North America/South America Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia/South America Africa/Asia/Europe/North America Africa/Asia/Europe/North America/Australia Africa/Asia/Europe/North America/South America Africa/Europe Africa/South America Antarctic Antarctic/Australia/South America Antarctic/South America Asia Asia/Australia Asia/Europe Asia/Europe/North America Asia/Europe/North America/Australia Asia/North America Asia/North America/South America Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean/North Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean/Pacific Ocean/Indian Ocean Australia Australia/Southern Ocean Central and South America Europe Europe/North America Europe/North America/South America Indian Ocean Indian Ocean/Pacific Ocean/Atlantic Ocean North America North America/Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia North America/Asia/South America/Africa/Europe North America/Europe/South America North America/South America North America/South America/Africa/Asia/Europe/Australia North Atlantic Ocean North Atlantic Ocean/Mediterranean Sea North Atlantic Ocean/Pacific Ocean North Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean /Atlantic Ocean /Indian Ocean South Africa/Indian Ocean/Australia South America South America/Australia South America/Central America South Atlantic Ocean/Pacific Ocean/Indian Ocean Southern Ocean Worldwide FEATURING: · Clear Graphics · ALL known Birds (topmost upgrade level) · Detailed Description of each graphics · Browse by various creative Categories FUN FEATURES: · Find out Most Popular Ones · Find out Pick of the Moment LOT MORE FUN FEATURES! Notice: Please use your discrete judgement in trying the points out as per tips and description. We are here to help and are NOT responsible for you getting impacted at any level due to this app. Use it as your guide. We can not answer questions in the review section. For support or questions, please use the send feedback button in the app or email us at


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 38.55 MB


Price: 0,84 €

Developed by Shiv Verma

Day of release: 2011-12-22

Recommended age: 4+

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