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Atomic Blink Plus

Tired of same old game that's based on luck? Try one of skill! Dumb luck will not get you pass levels after levels of complete spheroid pandemonium. ...

Discontinued App

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Tired of same old game that's based on luck? Try one of skill! Dumb luck will not get you pass levels after levels of complete spheroid pandemonium. Aim, shoot, annihilate. There are five rule types, each distinctly differently than the last. The direction of game play is also configurable (either up or down). Combining the 5 game types with the 2 direction of play brings the total number of unique game types to a whopping 10. Which one will be your favourite? Master the 20 built in levels using each of the 10 unique game types. All 200 games ... really!!! Use your photos album to generate your own level. This game is infinitely replayable. Rule Types Eliminator This is the most basic rule type. Destroy all the spheres on the screen. But there's a catch, once you hit a sphere, it remains on the screen for an extra turn. The strategic order of your shot will be key to clearing the screen. (Don't forget to collect the 1ups). Defender This rule is probably closest to what you're used to playing. Destroy all the red spheres on the screen. Try clearing the entire screen to double your score. It might be worth delaying the destruction of the last red sphere to do this. Jammer This rule will likely offer the most difficulty for the casual gamer. Clear all the spheres except the green ones. The latter is (almost) indestructible. And again, once you a hit a sphere, it will remain on the screen for an extra turn. Some of the games using this rule will offer quite a challenge. If you're aiming for the highscore, keep hitting the indestructible green spheres for big points. Poser Do you like spy movies? Are you an espionage buff? Through the most tenuous of relationship, this is the rule type for you. There's exactly one purple 1up sphere on each screen. Unfortunately, it has disguised itself as a green indestructible sphere (poser). The real identity of the 1up sphere will be revealed once the ball makes contact with any of the other spheres on the screen. Since you don't start off with very many balls, the only way to clear the screen is to continually collect the 1up from the poser sphere. With each shot, you must try to bounce off at least one of the spheres on the screen into the poser sphere to collect the 1up. You had better know the rebound angles before playing this game. Leader The rule for the politically minded (well maybe not). At the beginning of each round, the spheres elect one of its members to become the king, wearing the royal purple (1up). If you manage to depose the king and collect the 1up with your well placed shot, the spheres will elect a new king. I wonder if the job of king is overrated. Anyways, since you don't start off with very many balls, deposing the royal 1up sphere is the way to proceed. Tips * Try to bounce the ball around a few times before hitting the purple 1up sphere for a "multi" up. * Learn the angle of the initial ball rebounds, especially for the Poser game rule. * Extra balls left over once you clear the screen will increase the score multiplier. * Each bounce of ball increases the combo multiplier


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 7.34 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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