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***The best measurement result you get with iOS 6*** *** Play the reference sounds and measure your audio equipment at the SAME TIME with RTA!!! *** ...

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***The best measurement result you get with iOS 6*** *** Play the reference sounds and measure your audio equipment at the SAME TIME with RTA!!! *** Watch Audio Audit presentation on *** Professional tool with simple control. *** All samples are made with professional equipment. 
  ! The application serves as a reference generator of sounds or records too.    Customer review - Netherlands ---------------------------------------- Great for home cinema calibration! - ***** by  - Version 2.1 - Mar 14, 2012 I tested à lot applications but this one is a winner. Great looking, accurate readings and a working real time spectrum analyzer. Oh and the app feels very professional with a lot of tools and information. ----------------------------------------- --- What is Audio Audit for? --- * Test quality of headphones, speakers and other audio device * Check crossover frequency for the subwoofer setting * Invaluable when choosing headphones or audio equipment in the shop - really plays everything as sales man says or writes the manufacturer? * Sell audio equipment and want to show your customers? You can use Audio Audit. * Do you have new speakers or audio equipment? Use Audio Audit for Burning-in * Are you a DJ? Sound technician? Test your audio system and space whenever you need it. Surely you will find other possibilities. If you´re missing some features, please contact us and we will add it to update. Audio Audit is the right one app that contains everything for precise testing of audio systems in your home, car and large space. It was developed in cooperation with experts and all samples are made with professional tools. Audio Audit is unique tool with simple controls, that you have with you all the time and you have the possibility to test and tune up anytime, anywhere you want. Audio Audit contains six functions *** Tone generator With the frequency generator, you can search the whole frequency spectrum and at the same time you can analyze sound from your speakers with RTA included in Audio Audit. Thanks to the combination of these functions you have the ideal opportunity to find out where is the frequency drops, set the equalizer and uncover disturbing frequency. *** Stereo Make sure you have correctly connected or built speakers. The sound should gradually "wandering" in the right direction, or just play from the specified direction. *** Phase This function isnít determined for headphones. You will find if you have all cables connected properly. If everything is okay, song with normal phase is pleasant to listen - sound is unpleasant when the phase is inverted. If you place the speakers in invert phase closer and facing each other, there is a significant volume decrease. *** Noise generator Use Audio Audit as a reference tone generator to check frequency responses or the adverse influence of room. Noise generator contains 5 different noises. *** Music Contains six reference tracks. Try, how can your speakers or headphones play different types of music. !!! All tracks are without any compression. !!! *** Real-time analyzer With this tool you are able to accurately analyze the quality of your audio system, find out which frequency your audio system emits in what strength. You are able to find the frequency weaknesses and then correct the setting of your equalizer. RTA analyzes the signal from a microphone or line-in input. Application is functional from iOS ver. 4 and have been tested on iPod , iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 and 4S.Because of accuracy, we recommend iOS ver. 5, where is the possibilities of microphone measurements much more accurate. Simply it's reference application. ***************************************************** Detail informationes on *****************************************************


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 100.23 MB


Price: 8,54 €

Developed by New Ball s.r.o.

Day of release: 2011-12-23

Recommended age: 4+

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