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Audio Exam Player gives students a superior way of independently hearing test questions read aloud with human speech or mechanical speech. Students who ...

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Audio Exam Player gives students a superior way of independently hearing test questions read aloud with human speech or mechanical speech. Students who had refused read aloud testing accommodations because of the unwanted attention are eagerly taking their exams using this app. Now, without leaving their desks they are downloading their exams, putting earbuds on, and completing exams at the same time as their classmates. Students are improving test performance because they are focusing on test questions and their answers to those questions instead of having to focus their attention on sounding out words. With improved question comprehension, test results reflect what the student knows about the subject, and test scores are way up. FEATURES * KEEP STUDENTS IN THEIR CLASSROOM Eliminate the time and energy required to get students together with a reader because the reader will broadcast the exam from a remote location and the students will download the exam at their desks. * AVOID UNWANTED ATTENTION Students no longer have the distraction and embarrassment caused by leaving the classroom or caused by the presence of a reader during testing. * IMPROVE TEST PERFORMANCE Students who's reading is slow or labored found that since they don't have to think about sounding out words, they concentrate all their attention on what the test is asking and how they will answer questions. With the options to speed up the playback, skip questions, reread questions, and play questions at will, students make better use of their time and don’t have the distractions and difficulties caused by a teacher reading to them directly. Now, they show what they know, and their test scores are greatly improved. * LEARN INDEPENDENCE AND SAVE TIME Students independently play, replay, and skip questions with a tap instead of having to wait for a teacher to read and reread questions. They increase the playback speed of the questions and decrease the time spent reading questions. Students finish exams at the same time as their classmates. * HEAR A FAMILIAR VOICE Students new to read aloud testing can hear a familiar voice since audio exams will be recorded with their teacher’s version of this app, Audio Exam Creator (Available on the App Store). * LEARN TO USE THE APP IN MINUTES The app is intuitive and simple to use. In one to two minutes students are shown how it works. They download their first exam, and take the exam on their own. * USE ADVANCED FEATURES Features are easily recognized or discovered, play questions in any order with a tap, replay, continuous play, skip questions with a tap, rewind and fast-forward in three second intervals, adjust speed control for fast playback, etc. * IMPROVE COMPREHENSION This read aloud testing accommodation let’s students focus on the subject rather than focusing on sounding out words. The option of increasing the playback speed will result in improved understanding of the questions and allow more time for the students to process the questions and formulate the best answers. * PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Students started using this app with easy to understand human speech, and before they were required to use mechanical speech for standardized testing, they transition to mechanical speech within the app. They learn to use and understand mechanical speech using Apple's built-in screen reader VoiceOver which lets them also read all text on Macs and iOS devices.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 2.26 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Michael Matvy

Day of release: 2013-10-24

Recommended age: 4+

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