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Metrilogics proudly presents "Auditor" - the perfect app for anyone tasked with conducting audits of any kind, in virtually any type of work environment, ...

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Metrilogics proudly presents "Auditor" - the perfect app for anyone tasked with conducting audits of any kind, in virtually any type of work environment, in any business sector. Simply create an audit scenario and enter the elements that will be reviewed during the course of the audit. As the audit is conducted and the status of a given audit element is assessed, users simply: - assign a score of 0 thru 4 for each audit element (the higher the score, the more positive the audit element findings), - enter relevant comments about each audit element, including audit findings and why the element received the score that it did, and - (NEW!) optionally take photos of the audit to create a visual record of the findings. When the audit is complete, "Auditor" calculates an average score for the entire audit, and enables the user to email all audit data (audit elements, scores, comments, and photos) so it can be downloaded into spreadsheets for further offline analysis and tracking. "Auditor" also includes an audit 'duplicate' function, enabling users to quickly and easily create identical scenarios for follow-up audits - simply enter new scores and comments when the next audit is conducted. "Auditor" includes built-in user instruction - ( i ) buttons provide tips on how to complete the app's primary data fields. Because of its inherent flexibility, "Auditor" can be used to conduct all types of audits, including those pertaining to quality, process, procedure, training, legal and compliance issues. Also...BE SURE to check out the NEW Met-Audit modules - 4 slide decks provide instruction, reference and templates to ensure a successful audit of any type, in any environment. Modules include: • Module 1: Audit Planning and Set-Up • Module 2: Conducting the Audit • Module 3: Audit Findings and Reporting • Module 4: Audit Follow-Up Like us on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Metrilogics-LLC/134481206664620 ), and follow us on YouTube: • "Drive Profits With Metrilogics Apps" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdMPeACB-YE ) • "RPM - The Six Sigma Alternative" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHvy04FxqEQ&feature=relmfu ) • "Give Bosses What They Want" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9t6s4Kktwo )


Technical specifications

Version: 1.9

Size: 3.05 MB


Price: $ 0.96

Developed by Metrilogics

Day of release: 2012-01-11

Recommended age: 4+

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