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Aurecmedia (Augmented Reality Content Media)

Aurecmedia – Bringing Your Prints into Reality! What is Aurecmedia Aurecmedia is your Augmented Reality tool of choice to create and publish AR scenarios ...

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Aurecmedia - Bringing Your Prints into Reality! What is Aurecmedia Aurecmedia is your Augmented Reality tool of choice to create and publish AR scenarios and experience within minutes. Aurecmedia is able to scan image markers and produce image, video and 3-D files. Aurecmedia specializes in mobile Augmented Reality - the most popular medium through which the average person interacts with AR content. Aurecmedia is a comprehensive AR development platform and mobile application. Aurecmedia application is easy-to-use and requires no developer background to get started. It serves as your lens to the world of augmented reality and offers you an engaging set of development tools to meet your every need. Simply start the application and view the world around you to experience AR and catch the attention of your consumers by adding informative 3-D AR experiences and delivering outstanding brand and products with Aurecmedia. What Aurecmedia Provides? Aurecmedia provides augmented reality content and solutions for mobile. We create AR products and solutions for social, education, business, marketing and advertising for iOS platforms tailored to your needs. Augmented Reality from Aurecmedia offers an exclusive access to free religious musings updated every day, the best quality of 3D education materials and marketing tools such as company profiles, product catalogues and many more to enhance your media. Create Aurecmedia experiences with minimal development and publish your content to mobile AR users within minutes. Why Use Aurecmedia? Aurecmedia application creates a compelling 3D visual experience unlike anything you have ever seen. It is an application capable of reading markers particularly printed objects such name cards and wedding invitations which we currently focus on. Soon, we will develop the application for other printed materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, catalogues, advertisements, and many more. We suggest our clients to use this exceptional application, because afterward their name cards or wedding invitations can be used as markers by simply scan the object and they can create content of 3D, images, videos and links instantly. Ordinary printed name cards and wedding invitations will turn into more realistic and personal messages for their clients, colleagues, friends and family the moment they receive them. Who will benefit from this application? 1. Those who use this application to advertise their companies, products, events or themselves > Customers 2. Those who use AR application content and who are interested in downloading the application, particularly Aurecmedia > General Users How It Works? 1. Download Aurecmedia Application 2. By using the camera hold up your smart phone, point and scan printed objects such as name cards, invitations, flyers, posters, ads, catalogues, company profiles which bear Aurecmedia logo 3. Watch as static print comes to life with Aurecmedia 4. Engage and interact with content in 3D, video and link formats 5. Experience and view objects a in a whole different perspective Download Aurecmedia > Scan Marker > Create 3D, Video, Link Content Why choose Aurecmedia? 1. It’s a new invention in marketing on how to introduce ourselves, companies and products in a more innovative and spectacular way 2. Sending printed materials in a completely new way. Try a more unique, creative personal and impressive way to send invitations to your clients, colleagues, family and friends 3. Get an everyday update on new products, promotions and activity schedules 4. It’s a whole new way to go 3D Technical Support We do our best to support as many devices as possible. In case you found a severe issue don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail to support@aurecmedia.com so we can resolve it as soon as possible (Don’t forget to mention your device-type and OS version).


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Version: 1.3.2

Size: 30.92 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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