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Can you be sure that the item you are purchasing is genuine? You can with AuthenticateIT - the world`s first consumer-centred anti-counterfeiting ...

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Can you be sure that the item you are purchasing is genuine? You can with AuthenticateIT - the world’s first consumer-centred anti-counterfeiting system. As crime syndicate operations have become increasingly sophisticated, an alarming number of genuine retailers and online merchants are unwittingly becoming sales agents for imported counterfeit goods sold to consumers at genuine prices. We have created the AuthenticateIT app to give shoppers a FREE, quick and convenient way to check an item’s authenticity before they proceed with their purchases - and effectively stop the sale of counterfeit products in legitimate retail situations. Whether you are buying luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, high tech electronics or even groceries, in operation AuthenticateIT has the potential to offer you peace of mind that the purchases you make in-store or online are genuine. As more brands adopt the technology, you will see more AuthenticateIT unique product identifiers (UPIs) on products and packaging in the form of AuthenticateIT branded barcodes, QR codes and serial numbers. By scanning an item’s specifically allotted UPI with your AuthenticateIT app, the item’s data is instantly compared to a central database maintained by participating brands. The information is then passed back through the app for you to validate so you can proceed with the transaction in complete confidence or walk away from potential problematic purchases. Brands participating in AuthenticateIT are being added constantly so download the FREE app today and look out for your next opportunity to AuthenticateIT. For more information please visit www.authenticateit.com


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