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This Customer Feedback Edition (CFE) of one-X Mobile SIP for iOS is intended for Avaya customers who would like to preview upcoming product features. ...

Discontinued App


This Customer Feedback Edition (CFE) of one-X Mobile SIP for iOS is intended for Avaya customers who would like to preview upcoming product features. This preview application should not be installed unless specifically requested by your IT administrator. Users looking to install one-X Mobile SIP for everyday use should install one-X Mobile SIP for iOS 6.2 (not the CFE version). Avaya one-X(R) Mobile SIP for iOS is a mobile communications application that integrates your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with your business communications environment. The app enables mobile VoIP calling through your enterprise Avaya Aura communications environment using either a Wi-Fi or 3/4G mobile data connection. New Features included with this update: •Join Avaya Web Collaboration sessions directly from one-X Mobile SIP •Automatic failover when redundant Avaya SIP service is provisioned •Install and run on iPad and iPhone at the same time •Call Forwarding and layered authentication support in “Lite” mode Key Features of one-X Mobile SIP 6.2: •Handover calls between VoIP and Cellular Voice •Present your office Calling Line ID (CLID) on all calls - cellular or VoIP •Call from local contacts or corporate directory; create a list of favorites •Dialed numbers are automatically converted for compatibility with office systems •DTMF (keypad touch tone) pass-through for entering codes when interfacing with a voice response system or conference bridge etc. •Ability to talk on a call while you check email, surf the Web or perform other data actions •Call log shows enterprise calling history •-Standard telephone features: answer, make call, hang up, transfer, conference, hold and retrieve from hold, mute/unmute •Enhanced telephony features (must be provisioned by your administrator): multiple call appearances, bridged line appearances, feature-button access to park/unpark, one-step recording, EC500 and extend-callAggressive re-connection logic ensures one-X Mobile SIP re-registers quickly after interruptions •Configurable dis-connect alarm alerts users that their one-X Mobile SIP client has lost its connection •Support for Aura CM Extension to Cellular Feature Name Extensions (EC 500 FNEs) enables the app to access Aura features even when not SIP connected (aka “Lite” mode) •Enhanced logging feature provides detailed logs that can be sent to any email address •Auto-provisioning for single-step settings configuration •Bluetooth support Benefits: •Outbound calls show office caller ID so personal cell numbers are kept private •VoIP communications helps reduce cellular voice minutes •Improve coverage by using Wi-Fi where cellular service is unavailable •Take advantage of your enterprise dialing services and enterprise telephone features from Wi-Fi hotspots Important Note: This application requires that enabling services have been provisioned on your Avaya network. Avaya one-X Mobile SIP for iOS 6.2 is supported with Avaya Aura® 6.x and requires iOS 6.0 or greater on an iPod Touch 4th generation+, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, or the new iPad. Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese


Technical specifications

Version: 6.2.9

Size: 17.97 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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