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AXONIFY MOBILE FOR iOS Axonify Mobile is a unique eLearning application that allows you deliver all the benefits of game mechanics and brain science ...

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AXONIFY MOBILE FOR iOS Axonify Mobile is a unique eLearning application that allows you deliver all the benefits of game mechanics and brain science directly to your employees’ iOS mobile devices: whether smart phone or tablet. Axonify Mobile is a companion application for the Axonify eLearning platform. Employees download the App to their mobile device of choice, allowing them to log onto the Axonify system anytime, anywhere – in the field, or working from home. The mobile App offers a consistent set of features and functions with the web-based Axonify platform making the experience seamless. And by delivering this unique eLearning on your employee’s device of choice, you help make learning convenient, easy and fun – on demand and as needed. Axonify is the next generation eLearning platform that combines game mechanics and brain science to truly increase employee knowledge retention. Through its unique SaaS-based, interval reinforcement design, Axonify actively engages employees in the learning process. The interactive platform identifies individual knowledge gaps and dynamically works to eliminate them. Through interval questioning and frequent e-training bursts, employee awareness on a given topic – for instance shoplifting, fire safety or customer service – is raised and knowledge retained. Learning is delivered in bite-sized “gamified” elements that make it easy and fun, encouraging consistent use. Interval reinforcement ensures employees are able to retain the knowledge they learn, while continuous evaluation helps them move forward on their learning path. All the functionality of Axonify With Axonify Mobile, you get all the features and functionality you’ve come to expect from this unique eLearning platform, including: •Bite-sized reinforcement of learning in 1-3 questions per day with immediate feedback. •Gamified learning to drive participation and results. •Personalized Knowledge Maps ensuring each employee is learning exactly what’s needed to perform the job well. •Effortless Content Management allowing you to update information quickly to respond to any issue and target any topic. Axonify Mobile is a companion app for the Axonify next generation eLearning platform. For more information on Axonify, visit us at, email us at, or telephone us at 519-585-1200.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.1

Size: 2.34 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Axonify

Day of release: 2013-03-10

Recommended age: 4+

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