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B.O.B. for iPad

** We are pleased that Apple has (finally!) incorporated B.O.B.'s functionality into Safari in iOS 7! Yeah!! If you have been using B.O.B. and have updated ...

Discontinued App


** We are pleased that Apple has (finally!) incorporated B.O.B.'s functionality into Safari in iOS 7! Yeah!! If you have been using B.O.B. and have updated to iOS 7, we recommend checking out Safari's new parental controls! If you would still like to see B.O.B. updated, then recommend it to your friends. If sales indicate strong interest in B.O.B. for the future, then updates will follow. Otherwise, B.O.B. will remain in the App Store at this new low price for iOS 6 and older iOS version users. ***Setup instructions at www.bobapp.com*** * Not willing to LET SOMEONE ELSE DECIDE what web pages your child should see? * Not willing to PAY AN ANNUAL FEE for "safe browsing" on your iPad? * Not willing to PUT UP WITH LOW QUALITY software for browsing on your iPad? >> We, at Lucky Duck, don't think you should have to! ** Looking for an EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE, and SECURE browser that PUTS YOU IN COMPLETE CONTROL of what your kids can see and do online? >> We, at Lucky Duck, believe we have just what you are looking for then! Meet B.O.B. for iPad! B.O.B. is THE Parental Control Web Browser for Apple's iPad platform. B.O.B. has been designed to provide effective, simple, and secure web browsing for families who take internet content concerns seriously. Don't let OTHER people decide which websites are appropriate for your children to view. B.O.B. puts YOU in complete control over exactly which websites your children can visit. EFFECTIVE: B.O.B. allows your children to freely visit any website that you have specifically approved for their viewing. NO OTHER SITES WILL DISPLAY, PERIOD. SIMPLE: The approved sites are simply B.O.B.'s bookmarks. B.O.B. is a Bookmarks-Only Browser, get it? ADDING A BOOKMARK ONLY TAKES SECONDS, just type in your PIN! SECURE: Bookmarks can only be added, deleted, or changed with your 4-digit password. You choose your password when you first launch B.O.B. In addition to these features, B.O.B. works over Edge, 3G, and WIFI, and B.O.B. is built on the same engine as Safari for a reliable browsing experience. * PINCH and ZOOM pages/images * MULTIPLE TABS/PAGES (MORE THAN just 8 at a time!) * LANDSCAPE MODE for viewing pages * COPY or EMAIL a webpage address to a friend * NEW SETUP mode - temporarily disable the PIN requirement to setup multiple bookmarks at once Finally, B.O.B.'s controls CANNOT BE CIRCUMVENTED without knowledge of the 4-digit password. Simply turn Safari OFF in your device's preferences and use B.O.B. for safe browsing. You do not need to create accounts with 3rd parties to use B.O.B., and page loading is SPEEDY since your browsing does not go through (or in any way depend on) 3rd party proxy servers. We are REALLY PLEASED with this release of B.O.B. for iPad and we believe YOU WILL BE TOO!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.06 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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