Discontinued App


This is a special version of our 152 POH app. It's got all the same features as the existing 152 POH app with the exception that the W&B information ...

Discontinued App


This is a special version of our 152 POH app. It's got all the same features as the existing 152 POH app with the exception that the W&B information for the Brampton Flying Club/School planes are included in this version along with a wind triangle calculator. This version has also been vetted by the BFC CFI and integrated into their flight training program. Now have the POH performance data for your Cessna 152 airplane ready at your fingertips for your next flight. Data from the POH for a Cessna 152 have been entered into this program for quick calculations and look up for flight planning. This program should be used for reference only. When in doubt, refer to the official documentation that came with your aircraft. "I personally use several of the PunkStar Studio iPhone/iPod applications. Some, like the Cold Air Calculator, are incredibly useful for even the most advanced pilot, while others, like the Hold Pattern Calculator, are perfect for demonstrations with my students (who are thrilled when they see it for the first time). I'm a loyal customer/user of several of the PunkStar Studio apps (even non-aviation related) and look forward to their future releases. I highly recommend their products to all aviators, from the professional airline pilot and flight instructor to the casual pilot." - Ed Pasquale ATPL Transport Canada Pilot Examiner and Seneca College Flight Instructor The Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) is a world class leader in delivering general aviation services with a special focus on education. BFC is has been in operation since 1946 and is located on 240 acres in Caledon, close to the Niagara Escarpment abeam the picturesque Caledon Hills just minutes from downtown Toronto. The 240 acre facility boasts a modern flight school and terminal building, aircraft service and maintenance facilities, 25 storage hangars and two paved runways, with an instrument approach. On the airport grounds, you'll find The Great War Flying Museum, open weekends from May 24th to October 31st. We are home to Canada's largest Recreational Aircraft Association Chapter 41 and the Royal Canadian Air Cadet 892 “Snowy Owl”, Squadron . Our Flight School is one of the largest in Canada. Specials are available for mini flying lessons and there is no better way to see the beautiful Caledon countryside or the Toronto's CN Tower than by airplane. Sightseeing Flights available. Professional Pilot training is offered to students from around the world through our Flight College based at the airport. Our Flight Training School is considered amongst the best in the world. Operating over 20 aircraft with an instruction staff of 30 the school provides training from the Recreational Pilot Permit right through to the Airline Transport Pilot License . The school is Canada's first and largest Cessna Pilot Centre utilizing the world's first interactive computer based flight training system. More information on our fleet and training programs can be found under Training. For the last three year's, Canada's Webster Trophy (Sponsored by Air Canada) for best amateur pilot of the year has been awarded to a BFC student. We encourage our existing and prospective students to use the BFC iPhone/iPod Apps in their training. Rob Carney, CFI


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