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===========About=========== Got a great melody but don't know how to play it on your harmonica? Or want to transcribe a blues? "BHarmonica" shows you ...

Discontinued App


===========About=========== Got a great melody but don't know how to play it on your harmonica? Or want to transcribe a blues? "BHarmonica" shows you what hole to draw, blow or bend to get the tones out that you want. You can either specify a key on the piano tablature or a hole on the virtual harmonica and see which note it corresponds to. As an assistance the right sound will tone automatically. Two features make BHarmonica even more powerful. Position-calculator: insert the key of the song and your preferred position to play in. The App will tell you which harmonica (key) you have to take and where are the notes you'd like to play. Scale display: choose out of 50 different major, minor, pentatonic blues and other scales and display the whole succession of notes for your next improvisation. "BHarmonica" supports all possible keys of a diatonic blues harmonica. It's suited for professionals who want to experiment with new scales as well as for beginners who just want to know where the notes are. Easily make the most out of one of the most beautiful and expressive instruments on earth - the blues harmonica! ============Features============ âœâ€ naturally sampled sounds of the blues harmonica âœâ€ easy-to-use piano keyboard for entering the notes âœâ€ supported keys of a diatonic harmonica: A, Bb, B, C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab (all) âœâ€ translation of piano tones into instructions to play the harmonica: the corresponding position and the manner of playing (blow, draw, bendings, overdraws - and -blows) âœâ€ translation vice versa from harmonica position to piano note âœâ€ features all twelve positions (straight, cross...) âœâ€ display of about 50 scales âœâ€ additional textual display of the note âœâ€ irreplaceable learning effect while you try new scales and melodies, unlimited possibilities of using the note finder


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 6.91 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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