Discontinued App


Making friends, forming ideas, following rules … it`s all coming together now! BOMBBOMBBOMB provides a brand new way for your parent-child interaction ...

Discontinued App


Making friends, forming ideas, following rules … it’s all coming together now! BOMBBOMBBOMB provides a brand new way for your parent-child interaction in life. The purpose of the game is to help kids to learn with a more interesting way and let parents getting more involved with kids’ learning. What makes Laugh & Learn apps so engaging for kids? It's all about the magic of cause and effect. Watch baby’s eyes light up as fun animations, music and audio responses reward actions! In the game, to avoid the BOMB blowing up, you need to pass the BOMB (the phone) to others as fast and stable as you can! Interesting music and colorful characters not only train children’s concentration but also motivate them to play the game repeatedly. Here, you’ll find ways to make creativity and problem-solving part of each day for your child, paving the way for continued learning and a “can-do” approach to life. The full version includes COMPLETE setting function, includes: ... Time setting for fitting the number of players ... More BOMB styles ... Challenge the crazy mode Key Features: ... Brand new learning way to brain training ... Instinctive operation ... Rich design of BOMB ... Colorful design for kid's attention-attracting ... Cute music to keep the learning willing ... The flexible game time to fit with the number of player ... Description for the bomb reason to strengthen the weak ... Adjustable difficulty according to the kid’s progress with 3 mode ... Playing smartphone with kids for sharing the fun and memory together How to Use: 1. Place the phone flat on its front! 2. Keep tapping the tap button then passing the phone to others stably by the specific time. 3. BOMB will blow up when the time on the top of the screen running out, so just pass it as fast as you can! Try BOMBBOMBBOMB and get an all new enjoyment for parent-child interaction!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 11.19 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0


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