BackTrack of Oil Slick Movements in Offshore of Arabian Gulf Marine Waters ( تتبع مصدر تسرب النفطي في مياه الخليج ...

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BackTrack of Oil Slick Movements in Offshore of Arabian Gulf Marine Waters ( تتبع مصدر تسرب النفطي في مياه الخليج العربي ) A Numerical Apps has been developed based on the solution of the governing partial differential equations of flow and immiscible pollutants for predicting the back track oil slick in Kuwaiti offshore territorial waters and Arabian Gulf waters (BOil APPS) . The apps has been coupled with KGulf Model, a hydrodynamic numerical model (K. Al-Salem, 2012). KGulf gives the 2D velocity distribution on the surface of water body. The Lagrangian discrete parcel algorithm has been used to predict the back oil spills and the apps consider Monte Carlo Statistical technique to overcome the random walk in Lagrangian discrete parcel algorithm. It can be used either as a real-time basis to predict the back movement of oil spill for unexpected accident of crude carriers in Kuwait or Arabian Gulf offshore waters and for Quick respond for decision marker on any oil spill accidents in the sea.The Offshore back Track oil spill APPS is an efficient and interactive apps and easy to use for any user with a little experience in a computer usage. This apps version is sufficiently user-friendly and can provide the base information for prediction of the oil spill source and present it on navigation map will provide important information for the decision makers on actions necessary to deal with the source of the oil spill. For More information for BOil apps list at website address ( ) and apps video list at adders at (


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