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QuickModel for the iPad With Signavio`s new QuickModel iPad App, you can now easily capture and share your business processes using your iPad. ...

Discontinued App


QuickModel for the iPad With Signavio’s new QuickModel iPad App, you can now easily capture and share your business processes using your iPad. Download our free iPad App and start creating your first process models right away! Thanks to QuickModel’s easy to use spreadsheet based design, no previous knowledge about process modeling or BPMN 2.0 is required. Everyone in your organization can now easily document existing process and contribute to process improvement, no matter where they are! Are you already using the Signavio Process Editor for modeling and improving your business processes? Besides capturing new processes, you can also access process diagrams and process related documents that are saved in your Signavio workspace. There is no faster and easier access to your organizations process model library than this! Would you like to document your processes during a team meeting or capture a process improvement idea during a quick visit to the manufacturing floor? QuickModel replaces a drawing on a piece of paper. It is the ideal way to capture a process, whether you are on a coffee break or discussing a new process concept at a partner’s office. Capture your processes digitally from day one and enhance them with the Signavio Process Editor seamlessly. Using QuickModel you can easily: - Capture your processes without any knowledge of a modeling tool or BPMN 2.0. - Incorporate additional details directly in your processes such as related IT Systems. - Access your existing processes library in the Signavio Process Editor. - Create an easy to understand visual representation of each activity. - Include organizational relationships and individual roles. - Share and improve your QuickModel with your organization’s expert modelers. Get the QuickModel iPad App for free! Please find additional information about QuickModel for iPad and Signavio by visiting our website.


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Version: 1.01

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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