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Baba Bab

Peter Nyulasz : A baba bab. Betuteszta Kiado, 2011 Baba Bab (baby bean) is an interactive iPad adaptation of the Baba Bab nursery rhyme book with 100+ ...

Discontinued App


Peter Nyulasz : A baba bab. Betuteszta Kiado, 2011 Baba Bab (baby bean) is an interactive iPad adaptation of the Baba Bab nursery rhyme book with 100+ sound effects and many fun animations awaiting for discovery. The Book Baba bab is a cute HUNGARIAN nursery rhyme book, written by Peter Nyulász and illustrated by Eszter Schall. The publisher is Betuteszta Kiado, based in Budakeszi, Hungary, just as the writer and the illustrator. Baba bab calls back to the times of the very first words of babies, when they begin to enjoy their own voice: babababababa. These are the moments when they start the long journey of learning to speak. The book has become quickly popular in Hungary amongst parents preferring off-mainstream, independent literature and artwork. The App The iPad application is as much a the reproduction of the book in an interactive format as a fun picture-book with many sound effects and animations. In addition to the usual contents screen, an unique interactive playground has been developed to open each rhyme page little differently then usual. The App uses the iPad orientations (landscape, portrait) for different purposes, so that the number of buttons are minimised. The App focuses of its core intentions: fun and education. For example: the help screen for possible interactions are only shown if the device is in bottom up position. In addition to screen touches, the App uses the different sensors of the iPad, such as the accelerator or the microphone to detect blows to the screen. The App has 15 rhymes. This version covers the full published book. The City of Budakeszi Budakeszi is a lively small city with 14,000 habitants literally next to Budapest, Hungary. Some of the illustrations and rhymes refer back to the actual real physical locations of Budakeszi: the "Vadas Park", a small zoo of the city (rhyme "Hetes Vadas"), the nice main street with the park (rhyme "Kétlaberős"). The menu playground is a new illustration by Eszter Schall, not published in the book. It has been designed specifically for the iPad App. Once you walk by the Betuteszta Shop in Budakeszi, you may notice where the inspiration was coming from... Az iPad applikáció Az iPad App egyrészt a könyv mondókáinak interaktív kiadása, mindemellett egy kiváló és sokrétű digitális játszótárs is. Rengeteg felfedezni való ötletes animácó és több mint 100 hangeffektus várja a kicsiket azokat a szülőket, akik tartalmas, durvaságtól mentes, fejlesztő játékkal szeretnék lekötni az ő "kis babjukat". A hagyományos tartalom oldal mellé elkészült egy speciális interaktív játszótér a mondókák szereplőivel. További rejtett segítséghez juthatunk, ha fejünk fölé tartva nézzük meg az iPad-et. A képernyő érintésein túl akár a hangunk (lásd alább) is befolyásolja az illusztrációkat.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1.0

Size: 169.84 MB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by Lenipend

Day of release: 2012-11-20

Recommended age: 4+

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