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Fun and wholesome entertainment for young children with the language developing characters, the Babbelers. The app is designed to be both educational ...

Discontinued App


Fun and wholesome entertainment for young children with the language developing characters, the Babbelers. The app is designed to be both educational and fun for very young children. In portrait mode you can "play" with the characters in the Babbelers' world, but if you turn the device to landscape mode you can watch music videos. Six characters live in the full version of Babbapp - Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo and Dadda, Diddi, Doddo. They reply when you talk to them, giggle when you tickle them and dance if you touch their feet. There are also two Babbelers music videos to watch - "The First Song" and "The Stompalong Dingaling Song". Cute and upbeat for young groovers! The full version of Babbapp includes: - Six characters (Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo, Dadda, Diddi and Doddo). - Two music videos ("The First Song" and "The Stompalong Dingaling Song") as well as a short video from the lite version of the app. About The Babbelers: The Babbelers are a colourful bunch that make language training an exciting and playful adventure. Their videos on YouTube are enormously popular, and every day new viewers are discovering and falling for these little speech boosters - because the Babbelers are more than just entertaining and fun - they can really aid language development. The Babbelers have been developed specially for children in the early stages of language development, and they are suitable for all toddlers and young children - with or without special needs. Based on the internationally recognised Karlstad Model of language intervention, they help children take those first important steps in building their language. The Babbelers are loved by everyone, big and small, and it's really easy to forget it is language training when you join in all the fun and adventures in the Babbelers' world. The Babbelers speak their own language, based on the sound of their names. Listening to the Babbelers speak, and then imitating the way they talk, is an effective way of practising the use of stress and melody in language. Tip: There are a number of fun products featuring the Babbelers. Find out more at www.babbelers.com. Babbapp is published by Hatten Forlag AB, Sweden (Hatten Publishing) and developed by HMX Sweden AB. Hatten Publishing produces and distributes books, games and materials focusing on signing and speech development. Please visit us at www.hattenpublishing.com. If you have any problems with the app we would be grateful if you could report them via the button at the bottom of the page or by sending an email to webben@hattenforlag.se.


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