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《SmartLamb》is the popular one of 《BabyBook》series on APP Store. Baby Books is a children`s audio book that is specially created for ...

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《SmartLamb》is the popular one of 《BabyBook》series on APP Store. Baby Books is a children’s audio book that is specially created for children aged 3-6 and combined with the growth characteristics of children by the authoritative experts in education in the higher education press. Enjoying listening to stories is a part of children’s instincts.Everything around them is novel and supernatural in their eyes! Well, in the novel and supernatural world, how will you deal with the child’s early education in a sientific method? Kids are curious about the world, but their ability of experience it is limited by their phychological conditon.So we prepared Baby Books, which includes sounds and pictures with great care.We aim to foster the abilities of seeing and listening to the kids.There is tip at the end of each story. Tips are used to help parents develop their kids’ proficiencies in knowledge, experience, morality and behaviour. You must be looking forward to your lovely babies’ future! Well, expose them to scientific early education with us from the babyhood! We hope your babies can happily grow up! Functional Charateristics Language experts (linguists) have done experiments to show that babyhood from age 3-6 is the best period for studying and creativity. Grasping this valuable opportunity and satisfying children’s curiosity with scripts and pictures can bring their talents into full play and speed up the effects of studying. ...Text The rich and beautiful language tells many lively stories. Through the evolution of the story, baby bear not only gets beautiful enjoyment but also common sense.What’s more, he can also form a healthy lifestyle. ...Pictures Mothers show the pictures to kids while they are telling the stories. Babies look at the attractive and eye-catching pictures while they are listening to the stories.This method can arouse the child’s wish to experience the world more easily. ... Tips Mothers should tell children the tip after the stories right away.Tips guide children in morals and proper conduct.The tips can also help children grow up healthly. ... Online bookshelves Online bookshelves show chlidren which books are going to be published and which have already been published. It helps ensure the continuation of reading for children. ...The recording mode The recording mode offers parents and children the option to record their own special dubbings to increase the pleasure of reading. Mothers can also record their voice while they are telling the stories.With the recording, children can listen to the stories told by their mothers when their mothers are not at home.


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