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Baby Flashcards!: Foods Lite

Play and learn: My very first word flashcards! (Retina display support) - The Lite version has only limited number of images. - Provide your baby ...

Discontinued App


Play and learn: My very first word flashcards! (Retina display support) - The Lite version has only limited number of images. - Provide your baby with the very first learning application developed by serious game experts and bilingual educators! - Baby Flashcards: Animals, Foods, Things, Numbers and More includes word sets specially selected for toddlers, who begin to grab their everyday vocabulary through objects and picture cards. Baby Flashcards are delicately designed to help expand everyday vocabulary through playing with the app. - Your baby can listen to the friendly and clear voice and enjoy playful interaction by tapping on the texts, images, and icons. - Soft and dreamy color and simplified but easy-to understand shapes help your baby recognize the objects easily without getting harm on his/her eyesight. - Learning interface is specially designed for the toddlers who are not familiar with digital device interaction. Your baby can intuitively interact and learn as s/he plays. - Easy-to-read text size and easy-to-write and font type for young children who are first exposed to learning materials Baby Flashcards!! - Baby Flashcards is the first series of mobile edutainment application courseware for toddlers between age 2 - 4 who start to speak their mother language. This software helps young learners expand their everyday vocabulary through playing with it. - Babies start to learn language speaking by uttering a word according to their needs or feelings. Their language abilities develop by learning more words and connecting them by making phrases, and short sentences. At the age of 5, young learners can understand and express themselves with more complex sentence patterns and larger vocabulary. - What babies need at the beginning is vocabulary power! Baby Flashcards empowers learning language by providing frequent and useful words with interesting picture and interaction. - By being exposed to the words in Baby Flashcards, babies can learn names of animals, foods, things, shapes, numbers, etc. Also babies can be familiar with alphabet, which excels learning spellings and reading.


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