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It's the Lite version of Pregnant pregnancy. The Lite version does have charts and assistant functions. Pregnant pregnancy is designed specifically for ...

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It's the Lite version of Pregnant pregnancy. The Lite version does have charts and assistant functions. Pregnant pregnancy is designed specifically for pregnant women. It has powerful functions and beautiful user interfaces, and it is very easy to use. Powerful calendar and chart function could make you track your pregnant status all the time in order to find some problems. Large amounts of weekly pregnant information and baby’s images, could make you feel your baby’s everyday growth. The UI is beautiful, and there are a lot of background pictures for you to choose. There is a well designed pregnant assistant. It can help you to handle lots of difficult problems. If you are pregnant, we hope you can use this application. Because if you have it, that means you will have the best friend who will accompany you forever. And we will try our best to make this application better and better. Features: 1. Input your pregnant due date or your last Menstrual Period to start your pregnant life. 2. Calculate your due date by your last Menstrual Period. 3. Display your due date, week and trimester information everyday. 4. Display whether you have any appointment today. 5. You could add your picture for this app. 6. View calendar with icons to check and update your everyday status(appointments, symptoms, measurements, notes, mood and so on) 7. You could update your photo everyday in calendar, and you can see the change of your look in the weekly information. 8. You can see pregnant weekly information and get the advices for both you and your baby. 9. You can see the change of your baby’s look for every week. 10. You can see the change of your look if you update your photo in the calendar everyday. 11. Kick counter. You can use it to count your baby’s kicks everyday. And the record will be displayed in the kick log and calendar. 12. Contraction counter. Record the start time and end time of your contractions. You can check the record in the log. 13. Appointment. If you have an appointment with doctors or others, you can add appointment information. 14. Baby names. Help you give your baby the best name. 15. Food safety. Give you a lot of complete and correct suggestions that which food you can eat and which you can not eat. 16. Contact. Write down the doctor or someone else’s contact information here. 17. Music. Get the music form music library and relax for a while. 18. Chart. Track your weight, waist and temperature here with amazing effect. You will like it. 19. User setting. You can update your due date, your name and your baby’s information. 20. Measurements setting. You can change measurements unit. 21. Background. You can choose your favorite background.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 8.64 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by jun shen

Day of release: 2010-10-4

Recommended age: 4+

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