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Baby Rocky Learns Body Parts

The 3D animation image, The Magic Girl Rocky, is making her debut on Orbaby's paradise. She could send you flower and treat you to a cake, and best of ...

Discontinued App


The 3D animation image, The Magic Girl Rocky, is making her debut on Orbaby's paradise. She could send you flower and treat you to a cake, and best of all, she could teach baby the name of each body part in English and Chinese! Would you say hi to Rocky? OK, let me tell you a secret: Rocky is ticklish. Please not touch her belly! LOL ...... Cognition is the first step for children to touch the world! Did you make the right choice? Rainbridge Animation collaborates with Orbaby Education for the 3D cognition intelligence app, “Baby Rocky Learns Body Parts”. ...... “The Magic Girls” is the original character by Rainbridge Animation. Rocky, the girl with glasses, is the first one to debut and she’s so cute, lively and learned. She would like to be babies’ friend! AGE: 1-4 years FEATURES Interesting content: This is a flower for you. /Do you wanna be my friend? /Wash up and have dinner! ... Capacity building: learn each body part; develop abilities of cognition, learning, practice and observation. Easy operation: click, drag and drop; simple to use but also helpful to intelligence. Delicate animation image: The early education app with original 3D character is carefully crafted by leading animation production team. Life-wide learning: learning with rotation and stereoscopic effect; English and Chinese pronunciation exercise; Sound, glyph and meaning integration. Interesting action design: have more fun to interact with the character and meanwhile be guided to good habits. ...The Magic Girls... Once upon a time, there were some magic girls, Lulume, Katatia, andRocky living in the beautiful magic forest. The girls had a happy life with the grandpa Kantara, elves and animals. However, the devil House wanted to possess all the magic in the forest. He attacked the forest and released a lot of viruses. The grandpa Kantara could eliminate viruses but he was arrested and imprisoned in a flat space of the ghost seafloor. Elves and animals were ill and the forest lost its past laughter. Augustine escaped and found the magic girls. He hoped the girls would save the grandpa and others. These brave girls did all that they could to stop House’s plot and rescued others... What or who did they met? Could they finally succeed? PRIVACY POLICIES "Baby Rocky Learns Body Parts": - Does not collect or share any personal data. - Does not contain any ads. - Does not contains In App Purchases. - Does not contain Social Network Integration. - Includes external links to our apps page. CONTACT E-mail: support@orbaby.com Website: http://www.orbaby.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Orbaby For more apps information, please visit our website or search ‘Orbaby’ in App Store!


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