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Baby Sound Lite

*** Next UPDATE - extending categories and adding new features. - Chosen by babies! Approved by babies! Created by parents! - ____________________________________________ Baby ...

Discontinued App


*** Next UPDATE - extending categories and adding new features. - Chosen by babies! Approved by babies! Created by parents! - ____________________________________________ Baby Sound is new, unique and exciting app for your baby. 30 colorful pictures / flashcards and 15 beautiful sounds divided into 5 groups: DOMESTIC ANIMALS, WILD ANIMALS, VEHICLES / CARS, MUSIC INSTRUMENTS and NATURE. By touching one of icons it will open a picture, by touching it again the picture will show a motion e.g., in picture with still DOG - after a touch same DOG is barking and baby can hear the sound. ____________________________________________ ''This is great app for entertaining your kid for a long time at the same time teaching him something new. My 18-month old son loves it. Our favorite app of all apps for kids we tried. This app is huge helper for us at the doctor visits and when he is cranky. " (08.2013 ***** Stars) ____________________________________________ This app is intended for toddlers and preschool children from 8 months to 4 years of age. Baby Sound is designed for children to learn more about animals, music, transport, cars and nature. * Group DOMESTIC ANIMALS contains sounds of animals such as dog, sheep, horse etc., * Group WILD ANIMALS contains sounds of zoo animals such as lion, bear, ape, dolphin etc., * Group VEHICLES: cars, motorcycle, plain, train etc., * Group MUSIC INSTRUMENTS: guitar, violin, drums, piano etc., * Group NATURE: snow, rain, fire, sea etc. ____________________________________________ * For parents this app will be a helpful tool in game-plays and great way to keep your baby busy and entertained at the same time while teaching the kid something new! * This brain developing game for kids is created in a way that baby can control what's happening in the app. It is great way to train children's self-sufficiency and realize own abilities, also to understand that events can be controlled by himself/herself. * Photo flashcards of animals are created in a very realistic way so that kids can learn the features of each animal and understand how unique and beautiful is each of animals the way they are. Background of the photo is created in a way to allow even the youngest toddlers to see the animation and not to distract them from it. * All pictures are HD quality photos by professional photographers. Sounds are suited for pictures in a manner so that child has a precise understanding of the picture and matches the picture 100%. * When developing this app, it was tested on the biggest critics - children by asking them to compare this app to other similar apps for kids. * Baby Sound biggest advantage is unique simplicity. This app is lead only by your baby's fingertips - that's why it is suitable even for the smallest toddlers! ____________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: * Each of categories has 3 icons. * By touching one of them it will open a photo, * By touching it again the photo will show a motion, e.g., in photo with still dog, after a touch it is illustrated barking and baby can hear the dog sound. * Baby can return to choice of icons by pressing big 'back' button or smallest ones can easily navigate with one touch and slide between pictures * All 5 categories are listed in the main menu at the bottom of the screen. ADVANTAGES: * Easy to use app * 30 bright and colorful pictures / flashcards * 15 high quality sounds * Great help when playing with your child * Ideally suitable to introduce your child to different animals, transport and nature * Positive way how to teach your child something new * Includes free updates and improvements based on feedback; ____________________________________________ Next updates - extending categories and adding new amazing features. Flashcards and app layout are specifically designed to suit each iPhone screen size individually. ____________________________________________ Enjoy your baby enjoying it!


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Version: 1.2

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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