BabyBlip is a new app that allows parents to privately share photos and videos of their babies and children with close friends and family. Sharing baby ...

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BabyBlip is a new app that allows parents to privately share photos and videos of their babies and children with close friends and family. Sharing baby pictures is easier than ever before! "For parents who only want a small number of friends and family seeing pictures of their children, BabyBlip is the perfect app!" -Blondinbella, Top Swedish Blogger If you're a parent, you know that current social networks don't offer much in terms of privacy for sharing pictures of babies and children. BabyBlip is the number one solution for sharing precious moments with your loved ones without risking exposure to prying eyes. With BabyBlip, you can add images as stories using the built-in timeline, and you can then add personalized descriptions for each entry. In short, BabyBlip acts as your own personal diary for tracking your child's progress. BabyBlip is similar to Instagram because of its feature that enables followers to begin following your stories. However, Instagram is based around you, as a user, whereas BabyBlip on the other hand allows users to follow your child. In order for a user to see your child photos, you must actively invite them. Users cannot place a request to follow, and they won't be able to search for your child. BabyBlip gives you, as a parent, full control. You can start using BabyBlip by simply adding your children. Once your children have been added, you can then add the child's other parent. From here, you and the other parent have full control over who can be invited to follow your child. Certain followers (such as grandparents) can also be granted the ability to upload pictures to your child's timeline. Unlike other social media networks, you'll find that BabyBlip is more privatized, and meant to be used in smaller groups. Only your closest friends, family, and relatives will have access to your children's pictures. When people use Instagram or Facebook, they often second guess sharing their baby pictures due to privacy concerns and other issues. With BabyBlip, followers are heavily controlled, and you can rest assured that they'll be interested in all of your child's updates. You have the freedom to upload several pictures a day without worrying how it will be received by your audience. With BabyBlip, it's easier than ever to share photos with people who can't get enough of your little one. Download for free now, and start sharing. More features: • Followers can save your images to their camera rolls in HD format • Followers who don't have smartphones can instead receive email updates • Followers can "like" and leave comments on your updates and story • Several babies/children can be tagged in the same event Note: Before using the app, you must accept the terms of use. "As a father, this is the perfect app for tracking family photo fun. BabyBlip delivers easy photo sharing for both mom and dad, and it makes it easy to manage an organized album for baby pictures. BabyBlip tracks everything from birth to those first steps, and even to the first day of school." -Niklas Andersson, New Parent and Hobby Photographer


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 5.94 MB


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Developed by Bitified AB

Day of release: 2014-10-15

Recommended age: 4+

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