波波卡,是一套可以讓顧客在店內以智能手機或積分卡獲取不同獎賞優惠çš„手機 / 平板電腦程式,旨在提高顧客忠誠度,刺激消費! ...

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波波卡,是一套可以讓顧客在店內以智能手機或積分卡獲取不同獎賞優惠çš„手機 / 平板電腦程式,旨在提高顧客忠誠度,刺激消費! 下載、掃çž„、儲分,三個簡易步驟,即時為顧客帶來各類商鋪優惠!  選ç
波波卡積分系統,商戶可更有效提升品牌形象和制定更有效宣傳。 1. 更有效控制資源          商戶可節省更多ç
於推廣優惠çš„人力資源! 因為顧客從此可以自行獲取優惠! 2. 嶄新宣傳平台,鎖定目標顧客          透過波波卡,把宣傳訊息數碼化,吸引力大增! 3. 加深品牌印像          顧客可隨時查看在附近商戶所得的積分及換領紀錄,藉此加強顧客對品牌忠誠度,刺激ä»–們再次光臨çš„機會!   4. 彈性積分計劃,擴大品牌客戶群          透過雲端系統,顧客所得積分可適ç
於品牌旗下分店,讓優惠資訊傳遞得更快更廣。 *「波波卡」內之市場推廣活動為主辦商所提供並與 Apple Inc. 無關。 App Inc. 並不是此應ç
程式çš„贊助商,也不負責進行任何推廣活動。 Balloon Card, a mobile loyalty programme for mobile and printed card users. In order to enhance customer’s brand loyalty and encourage expenditure! Users can get discounts or E-coupons of various shops through earning points by their Iphone or printed Balloon Card. Basically, Balloon card can enhance the loyalty of customer as well as their expenditure. On the other hand, it helps customers to solve problems from managing too many Punch cards. Subscribing Balloon Card system, merchants can enhance brand loyalty and promotion more effective. 1.    Effective resources control Merchants can spend less resources like manpower on promotion, as customers can redeem coupons by themselves!       2.    Target “the right person” by innovative promotion platform Merchants can deliver promotion message accurately to their target audience - users of Balloon Card through Balloon card application. 3.    Impressible brand image Application will save the redeem record with information of store, customers can review  all information via GPS system. Merchant can leave a tail to their customers! 4.   Flexible system, enhance customer’s loyalty Customers can use their points at different stores of one brand, in order to enhance their loyalty to brand and encourage re-visit. *Apple Inc. is not responsible for any promotion or activities created or organized by or in relation to this application. 


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