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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WALLPAPER AND GREETINGS ON THE APP STORE! Bambu features hundreds of images you'll not find anywhere else. We work with artists worldwide ...

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WALLPAPER AND GREETINGS ON THE APP STORE! Bambu features hundreds of images you'll not find anywhere else. We work with artists worldwide to make sure the wallpaper and greetings in Bambu are unlike anything else. Send art to your friends and make their day - or save as wallpaper to make your device cooler than everyone else's! Say "no" to boring wallpaper! Get Bambu and discover hundreds of unique wallpapers that make you smile. ■ NEW! iOS 7 OPTIMIZED! Loads of beautiful wallpapers that look great on iOS 7! If you want iOS 7 wallpaper, this is the app for you! ■ NEW! Send greetings as a MESSAGE! Wish happy birthday and more by sending friends and family a bambu using iMessage/MMS! ■ Send postcards WORLDWIDE! Send unique greetings to your friends and family that they'll want to keep forever. Perfect for the Christmas holidays! Postcards are only $1.99 (US)/2.99 (Worldwide) and are made by the lovely people at Sincerely. ■ HD WALLPAPER FOR 4-INCH iPHONE 5 AND iPOD TOUCH Every image has been designed to look fantastic on your new 4 inch iPhone 5 and iPod touch! ■ GREETINGS LIKE NEVER BEFORE Post pictures and messages to your friends' Facebook walls or Twitter feeds - perfect for birthdays, special days or just any days. Don't know what to say? There's no need to write a message, a bambu says it all. ■ WALLPAPER FOR EVERY MOOD Whether you're feeling happy, sarcastic, loved or sad, there's a bambu for you. Your iPhone/iPod will have never looked so good. ■ HUNDREDS OF ORIGINAL IMAGES Packed with art you'll not find anywhere else (with more added every week), there'll always be a reason to use Bambu. ■ BAMBU THEMES Some art comes as part of a set, designed by an artist specifically for Bambu. Pay once to unlock a theme and you can use it whenever you want, however you want*. ■ LIMITED EDITIONS Keep your eyes open for time-limited themes for special occasions. Stay tuned, they won't last long! ■ BAMBU FOR YOU With loads of new images added every week there's always going to be a reason to send a bambu or change your wallpaper. ■ WHAT WALLPAPERS ARE IN BAMBU? Monster wallpaper, quote wallpaper, cute wallpaper, funny wallpaper, romantic wallpaper, animal wallpaper, art wallpaper and loads more!... What you won't find are photos of cats and beaches - in Bambu, it's all art and all original. ■ WHAT GREETINGS ARE IN BAMBU?* Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Good Luck, Happy Valentine's, Happy Easter, Happy Christmas, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Happy Halloween and many more... * Some of these are seasonal - use them quick! ■ FOLLOW US Facebook: Twitter: @bambuapp --- ■ WE NEED YOU! Are you an artist or have you an idea for a bambu you'd like to see? Tell us! --- * For personal use, not for resale!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.4

Size: 2.46 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Plastic

Day of release: 2011-10-1

Recommended age: 12+

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