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Barnyard Friends HD

*****FULLY ANIMATED!!! ***** "Cute little app for the young one`s. The animal sounds make my children giggle and it`s worth paying the ...

Discontinued App


*****FULLY ANIMATED!!! ***** "Cute little app for the young one’s. The animal sounds make my children giggle and it’s worth paying the 99 cents to hear that sweet sound." -iHeartThisApp.com *****Buy Barnyard Friends HD and play it on all of your iOS devices!!!***** With 8 GAMES, 8 ANIMALS, and playful CHARACTER ANIMATIONS Barnyard Friends HD is an intellect-building, cognitive-stimulating, musically-inclined app for toddlers and young children! ----FEATURES 8 APP-TIVITIES---- -HIDE AND SEEK Can you help the baby cow find all of the other animals? Take a stroll around the farm to find all of your cuddly friends. -- this is cognitive-stimulation that promotes 1st level problem solving -CRITTER KEYBOARD & CRITTER SOUNDBOARD Watch the baby animals jump in the air as you play this colorful musical Animal Keyboard. -- You or your toddler can recreate your favorite songs! Teach your child basic animal sounds with Animal Soundboard! Touch the keys to hear them! -TAP THE PIC Touch the pictures and watch them come to life in this all new game! --This game features adorable interactive animation and strengthen's your toddler's grasp of cause and effect. -FLIP THE PIC PUZZLE Create different scenes by changing the tiles in this puzzle designed specifically for youngsters and watch the characters jump to life when you succeed! This award-based app-tivity is an intense cognitive exercise that will keep your toddler focused and entertained. -ABC BARN Learn your letters with this fully voiced alphabet game. Tap the eggs to hatch them or shake to drop them and reset the scene. -ABC QUIZ Pick the right letter to hatch the egg. -ANIMAL QUIZ Do you know your animal sounds? Do you know your animal names? Pick the right animals and watch them jump for joy with the Animal Quiz games. -PEEKABOO Where is the baby animal hiding? Use visual clues and audio feedback to find all of your cute and cuddly friends. Find all the animals and travel through 3 different scenes. -- This app-tivity stimulates 1st level problem solving! Features: -8 unique games -Fun character animations -beautiful custom HD artwork -Fully voiced with music and sound -NO ADs! There are NO ADs in this app. ABSOLUTELY NO information is gathered on your child or shared by this app. -NO In App Purchases! There are no in-app purchases that young children could accidentally buy.


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Version: 1.1

Size: 73.77 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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