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Basketball PE includes games and activities designed to keep students of all ages captivated and on the move! Basketball PE provides an environment ...

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Basketball PE includes games and activities designed to keep students of all ages captivated and on the move! Basketball PE provides an environment that is conducive to the way children learn the principles of this popular sport. The application includes tools that are valuable for physical and health education teachers, coaches, animators, activity specialists, camp counselors, and day-camp employeesâ€â€basically, any individual or group dedicated to keeping children active and having fun through the game of basketball. KEY FEATURES •Categorized Lessons The games and activities in the application are categorized according to the four basics activities of basketball: ball handling, defense, passing, and shooting. Each game and activity includes a description of the equipment, rules of play, variations and progressions, learning/verbal cues, and explanatory diagrams. •Growing Database of Games There are currently more than 100 games and activities included with the Basketball PE application. The developers welcome submissions to the application’s databaseâ€â€so don’t hesitate to share! •Add to Favourites Bookmark your favorite games to a list for a quick and easy reference! •Quick and Easy Search Capabilities The games and activities are sorted alphabetically and by associated category to make searching a snap. •Tap or Shake for a New Game Not sure where to start? Tap to refresh or shake your iOS device - a game/activity will appear in front of you immediately. Looking for something else? Simply tap or shake again! •QR Code Demonstrations Visual explanations are beneficial to learning the game of basketball. Basketball PE includes Quick Response (QR) codes that demonstrate basketball essentials such as the bounce pass, chest pass, and set and jump shot as well as related drills. There is no need to purchase a QR reader since the application has one built-in. To read any QR code, simply double tap the desired QR code, choose Print, and select Detect! •Knowledge Testing Interactive quizzes are included within the application to test the students’ knowledge. Teaching professionals are welcome to use the test questions to supplement their own tests and quizzes. Interested in learning more about the Basketball PE application or want to submit your own games to our database? Visit http://educationisphysical.com/apps/basketball-pe/


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