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Bass Modes Symmetry School HD

If you love music and want to master your bass guitar in perfection like Richard Bona, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Gary ...

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If you love music and want to master your bass guitar in perfection like Richard Bona, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Gary Willis, or even better, then you just need to have this app!!! Demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LPNsS2F6bs This app is a great collection of bass guitar modes, that gives you an excellent original material for improvisations and solo on the bass! Bass Modes Symmetry School is a triple horizontal system, in which modes are played with three notes on each string. Today many progressive bass guitarists use the wide extended fingering instead of usual traditional. This school presents "horizontal-extended" fingering, that helps you to perform modes in 1-2 octaves bound. The material in this school is also irreplaceable if you want to master a shredding bass technique. The app will be useful as for beginners, so for professionals! ●●●●● Bass Modes Symmetry School features: -------------------------------------- - 3-notes-per-string approach works perfectly for bass - Easy learning of modes - Ability to achieve fast performance speed (●SHREDDING●) - Theoretical and practical usage for guitar, bass and piano players - Given material works best with jazz but also can be used for latin, pop, funk, rock, etc. - This school will work for a beginner as well as for intermediate and advanced players. ●●●●● App Features: ------------------ ● 138+116 new types of different bass modes, which can be easily transposed, resulting more than 1600 of total modes! ● Harmony feature: you can see and listen to the chords, over which given modes can be played. More information about these chords you can find in our "International Guitar Chords 1 & 2" apps ● Every mode is provided with corresponding optimal fingerings for your comfort ● Transpose modes to any desired key by dragging notes on the screen with your finger ● Metronome with adjustable tempo and time signature can be used as a trainer ● Cursor can display note names or fingering (selectable) ● Notes can display note names or fingering (selectable) ● Sharp and flat signatures correspond to the current mode's key ● Fast cycled playback of modes with adjustable tempo (30 - 200 BPM) ● Slow step-by-step playback of modes for easier learning ● Six selectable harmony timbres to choose from ● Stereo Chorus FX for harmony chords at your choice ● Retina display support ● iPad support ● iPhone 5 support ● iOS 4.3 and up compatible For support and full documentation on this and other our products please visit us at link: ---------------------------------- http://www.jimpavloff.com/fonexsis ---------------------------------- With respect, Fonexsis Creative Group.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 9.21 MB


Price: 15,59 €

Developed by Fonexsis

Day of release: 2011-06-7

Recommended age: 4+

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