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Batita Cilukba Mammaa

......... Akal`s new product is back in AppStore! ......... An amazing education software for your baby in their golden age under 3 years old. ...

Discontinued App


......... Akal’s new product is back in AppStore! ......... An amazing education software for your baby in their golden age under 3 years old. Batita Cilukba works with iPhone, iPad, dan iPod. Since it has been released in May 2012 in a form of Interactive CD, Batita Cilukba had an amazing welcome from parents in Indonesia, especially for the parents who understand the need of their babies, that is to learn at a very young age. They don’t want to miss the best time to pour their baby’s sponge brain with knowledge. So do you, right? This app was specially designed for your little ones and is suitable for 0-3 years old babies. Two languages are currently supported: English and Bahasa Indonesia. The content is carefully designed for 3 age groups, below one year old, one to two years old, and two to three years old. Why? because generally, they have different time span in focusing, and memorizing. Cute and cheerful voice will accompany your baby during playing this app, animals with their expressiveness, and other surprising effect will engage your baby to keep trying and tapping. You can see how quickly your baby understand the app. Some will be their favorite playground. This app is very easy to use, every tap on the screen will show something cute and surprise for your baby. You can play together with your baby, and see how delightful your baby will interact. Be ready to help your baby at any time. Every subject is delivered to make your baby can read in a surprising way. Don’t get annoyed when your baby seems bored. Remember..they need to learn to extend their ability to concentrate. Just add a little time every time your baby play this app. Surely, in no time, your baby will be engrossed playing this app. Our best features are: ... Specially designed for your baby’s golden ages 0 - 3 years old. ... Contents are categorized into 3 age groups and best fit for every level skills and needs of your baby. ... Available in two languages : Bahasa Indonesia and English ... Your baby can interact easily with this app. Just by tapping the screen anywhere he or she wants, something cute will surprise your baby. We all know how babies love to play peek a boo, they are excited to see what’s behind. ... Cute animal characters will accompany your baby, such as: elephant, duck, cow, cat, panda, fish, sheep, tarsius (a special tiny primate from Indonesia), and rabbit. ... Dubbed by a young talent with cute and cheerful sound, the app will attract your baby to actively interact with the app. ... Attractive animation and easy interaction will enable your baby to navigate through all of the contents easily. ... Cheerful music will accompany your baby during playing this app What will your baby learn: ... Basic math for baby, learning small and big, long and short, tall and short etc. ... Introduction to quantity and the number that represent it ... Introduction to day to day objects and listen to alphabet song ... Introduction to color and their name ... Introduction to animal, their name and how they sound ... Recognizing the sounds of water trickling, piano being played, etc. ... Introduction to shape, and how the combination of each shape can make a rocket, ship and other objects. ... Play with bubble, look what happen when the bubble pops. your baby will be curious. ... And the most interesting content is knowing the feeling, such as cry when we are sad and laugh when we are happy. Your baby will also learn common language expression such as ‘thank you’, ‘kiss bye’, ‘bye-bye’ and many more. These contents are under strict supervision during development from our expert in young age education. No wonder this app will give a huge advantage for your baby. Have a wonderful time with your baby...


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