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Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night

** Webby Award Winner! ** **Parents' Choice Award Winner! ** **American Museum of Natural History—Bat event** **The Memphis Zoo—Animals of the Night ...

Discontinued App

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** Webby Award Winner! ** **Parents' Choice Award Winner! ** **American Museum of Natural History—Bat event** **The Memphis Zoo—Animals of the Night exhibit** **Apple New and Noteworthy app!** **CNET— “Bats! Feels like a furry museum trip!” ** **The Next Web— “This is how children’s books should look on the iPad!” ** **Kirkus Reviews —coveted Star Review—“A winner: beautifully illustrated, nicely designed and solidly informative.” ** **School Library Journal— “This engaging app is great…“ ** **Unity Award—best nongame!** **Applegazette —“This Week’s Best Apps.”** **NC Teacher—“… a 3-D book app that is unlike anything I have seen before for a nonfiction book. If you use an iPad in your classroom or with your own child, it is definitely the price of admission to enter this world of Bats!."** Bats! lets kids aged six to 11 search jungles, deserts, woods and other vivid 3-D environments; flap their “wings” and fly like a bat; “see” how sound waves help bats find food; and much more. Written by Mary Kay Carson and created for the iPad by other experts in nonfiction for children, Bats! is a true innovation in children’s publishing. It’s is a wonderful original nonfiction book and a new kind of reading adventure for children. The fully immersive experience Engaging features: • Seven distinct chapters that provide exciting journeys through the bats’ world • Fascinating “extras”—annotated illustrations and maps—just one tap away from the main text • Interactive echolocation demo that lets a kid “screech like a bat” and “see” the sound waves the screeches produce • Dozens of high-resolution photographs of bats by leading nature photographers • Vivid 3-D environments, from an Asian rainforest to a North American farm • An optional “read-aloud” feature by noted voice-over talent Doriane Elliott to help younger children learn reading • A rich sound track of natural sounds with friends on Facebook (with parental approval) • A unique “bat spinner” with information about many kinds of bats •And more! Fascinating facts children will discover: • Dozens of amazing bat species • Details of bat anatomy • Why bats are mammals, just like dogs and people • What different bats eat • Where bats roost • How bats use sound to “see” in the dark • Where the biggest bat colonies are • Why bats deserve respect and protection from people • And much more!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 114.62 MB


Price: 2,99 €

Developed by Bookerella

Day of release: 2012-01-30

Recommended age: 4+

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