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Learn Battery 3 from ASK Video tutorial expert Chris Butcher, in this comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial. You`ll learn how to get the most ...

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Learn Battery 3 from ASK Video tutorial expert Chris Butcher, in this comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial. You’ll learn how to get the most out of the 12 gigabyte sample library that comes with the program. And we’ll also show you how to build great sounding drum kits from your own samples and loops, including REX files - and a number of other formats. Chris will take you through everything from loading a drum kit, to setting up cells and drum mapping. No stone is left unturned! Battery 3 is a powerful, yet simple drum sampler and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it. With its all-new playback engine, its scores of new sound shaping options, its ability to load any sample you may already have, or one of the great-sounding sample libraries from Native Instruments, as well as a fantastically simple user interface - Battery 3 flawlessly handles both electronic and acoustic-sounding drums! About Chris Butcher: With a background in documentary filmmaking and sound design, Chris Butcher has worked extensively with all major music creation software. Also an expert in 3D animation and compositing, Chris has produced and worked on several Canadian films and music videos, including a full-length documentary for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). If you own Battery then you need to own this tutorial! - 31 Videos - Easy to use interface Battery 3 Unearthed Content: 1. Intro 2. Master Section Tour 3. Drum/Sample Matrix Tour 4. Edit Page Tour 5. Loading a Drum Kit 6. Getting around, Using the View Menu 7. The Automation Page 8. The Options Menu 9. Audio and MIDI Settings 10. Additional Controls 1: Tempo and Loops 11. Additional Controls 2: Resource Usage and Indicators 12. Using Cells 1 13. Using Cells 2 14. Constructing and Mapping Your Own Kit 1 15. Constructing and Mapping Your Own Kit 2 16. The Cell Page 1 17. The Cell Page 2 18. Cell Setup 1 - Voice Groups, Velocity and More 19. Cell Setup 2 - Articulation, Echo, and Humanize 20. Loading a Drum Kit 21. Wave Editing 22. Loops 23. Modulation 24. Effects 1 25. Effects 2 26. The Master Section 27. The Browser 28. Loading Battery as a Plug-in 29. Quantization 30. Using a Tempo Track 31. Outro


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