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Battery Log Simple

Use this battery app to measure your battery level and battery life for Talk Time, WiFi Usage, BlueTooth Usage, Audio Playing, Video Playing, and more! Simple ...

Discontinued App


Use this battery app to measure your battery level and battery life for Talk Time, WiFi Usage, BlueTooth Usage, Audio Playing, Video Playing, and more! Simple as 1, 2, 3 to use (using Talk Time as an example): 1. Start up App and press "+" and give a name such as "Start Talk Time". 2. Exit the app. Then start talking (or doing WiFi or whatever), just as you normally do. 3. Once done with your activity, startup this app again, then press "+" and enter (for example) "Stop Talking". Your log will show your battery levels before/after your activity. No guessing! You'll know! Every device is different, and you'll know about YOUR battery life based on YOUR usage patterns! Don't trust apps that make estimates on generic devices -- use this to measure YOUR device battery! The logs show the battery state (plugged, unplugged, charging, etc.), battery level, and date/time stamp on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The logs are saved until you delete them. You can rename the logs, giving them descriptive names such as "Before Running Test App". Usages reported by existing customers: - For Everyone: Log battery level at start of day, and throughout the day, anytime you run the application to see how much battery life you have used! - For Developers: Log battery level before/after running your application to determine the battery usage of your application. - For Benchmarking: Start the app running and auto-log every battery level change, measuring how long your device runs until out of battery power. If your device is fully charged at 1.00, and you disable the sleep timer, and you run Battery Log Simple, you'll see every battery level change logged with a date/time stamp. NEW VERSION 1.2 FEATURES - 100% Compatible With Previous Release - New Graphical View of Historical Log - New battery level display to two decimal places - New battery level changes added to snapshot logs - New In-App Email for individual entries and complete log VERSION 1.1 FEATURES - 100% Compatible With Previous Release - Uses New iPhone OS 3.0 In-App Email Feature - New Current Battery Status - New Current Battery Level - New Battery Notification Handling - New Historical Log - New Text View of Complete Log - New Select/Copy of Text Log - New Email of Complete Log - New Snapshot Logs Each log is given a default name using the date and time, but you can also give the logs more meaningful names, such as "before running test app", "after running test app", "after full recharge" and "after 2 hour usage". You can display the battery information in either a table display or a text display. Using the text display, you can copy the battery information from this application and paste into another application. You can also email the battery log. VERSION 1.0 FEATURES - iPhone OS 3.0 Application - Battery Status - Battery Level - Date of Log Entry - Time of Log Entry - Display in a table - Display in text mode - Copy from text mode - Name log - Rename log - Delete log - Reorder log - Email log Other Servin Apps: - Accelerometer Fun - America July 4th Fireworks - Battery Log Simple - DeviceInfo Plus - Exercise Proximity Counter - Flashlight Multi Device Fun - Flashlight Programming - Flashlight Walkie Talkie - Gift Card Log - GPS Log Simple - Happy Birthday Unique - Homework Simple - Idea Log - Memory Log - Process Log - Pushup Proximity Counter - Simon Says Face Up - Sleep Log Simple - Tally Counter Log - Tic Tac Toe Simple - To Do Simple - Touch and Sound Programming - Touch Fast - Turn Me Over - Weight Log Simple


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 58.24 KB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Servin Corporation

Day of release: 2009-06-17

Recommended age: 4+

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