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Now absolutely free. No ads and no in app purchases. Enjoy!! Inspirational guidance when we really need it: right now in this particular synchronistic moment. A friend of mine introduced me to Vernon Howard's books a number of years ago. Although he has sold 8 million books worldwide, he's not nearly as widely known as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and other authors that also have written wonderful, incredibly helpful books. Vernon Howard's writing stands out as being exceptionally clear, pithy guidance for practical daily living. Eventually most of us wonder: Is there a better way to live than the way I'm living now? Who am I and why am I here? For a long time I've kept computer stickies of quotes that are helpful reminders. My screen isn’t big enough to hold them all and I’m not always near my computer. Out of that came the idea to make an app that was fun to use, interesting to look at, but more importantly would give me useful help when I need it: right now, in the moment when something happens, when I want help to do something differently instead of having a habitual, unproductive reaction. Whether you have any spiritual or religious beliefs of any faith or philosophy, or none of the above, you'll find value in these quotes if you ever find yourself feeling irritable, bored, anxious, afraid, unhappy or wondering why that happiness just didn't last. We all want freedom. If it’s true we all really are freedom, let’s experience and know it now! Features: Shake or touch random quote button for random quote Engaging animation and graphics including stars and planets movie, ripple effect on random quotes screens and page turning effect when paging through multiple quotes from favorite or search lists Search all quotes by words or letters; view all quotes sequentially Add to favorites list from either random quotes or from quotes found by search 2 ways to delete favorites: with finger swipe from favorites list or from individual quote screen with delete button Email quotes About Vernon Howard page with external link to New Life Foundation 621 quotes 68 photographs randomly used for quote backgrounds Bonus mp3 by Nelson Berry with On/Off function: Enjoy listening to lush rainforest / thunderstorm sounds with embedded subliminal messages to help break free from limiting beliefs and obstacles. Please enjoy on your iPad as well!


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