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Be There Bedtime Stories has been connecting families far apart with bedtime stories from the web for years - we call 'em 'Webtime Stories'! Awarded the ...

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Be There Bedtime Stories has been connecting families far apart with bedtime stories from the web for years - we call 'em 'Webtime Stories'! Awarded the distinguished 'Mom's Choice Awards' for 'Best in Family-Friendly Media', now Webtime Stories can be enjoyed on the iPad! After all, bedtime stories have been a part of a child’s nighttime routine for centuries - long before bubble gum flavored toothpaste. What we read or illustrate on the page of a bedtime story is like that explosive stuff on the tip of a match - share a story with a child and you will spark a brilliant fire inside their imagination. So we figured, why not take advantage of today's technology to bring that storytelling experience into the 21st century - for families far apart. As one grampa storyteller put it: "This is the next best thing to Grandpa's lap!" Mommy-blogger, says: "It’s so simple, and Sebby and Quincy LOVED it. They listened to two stories last night, and wanted more." And 4 year old Gabriel was so excited after his first Webtime Story he quite simply quoted: "I want to watch it again, where do I click, mommy?" Here's how this video storytelling experience works in 3 super easy steps: 1. Simply choose a story to read aloud, from over 250 published children's books (and counting!) 2. Then launch the app on your iPad or iPad mini and read it aloud as it displays on your iPad screen. We'll capture video with the iPad camera. 3. Last step, we'll position the recorded video of you, the storyteller, onto each page of the digital e-book and send a link to the recipient to enjoy the video storytelling experience on their iPad. Perfect for Grandparents: “I was amazed at how easy and fun it was to record my first story.” ~ Donne Davis, Susan Fairchild, Grandmother of Addy, Kyle, Cory, Mia and Samantha agrees: “WOW, what a fun and easy way to be a part of our grandchildren's lives even though we live far away from them…" Also preferred over Skype by Aunties: “Webtime Stories offer some unique and story-specific advantages over other webcam alternatives like Skype and iChat.” ~ Created by an auntie with the desire to connect to her nieces far away, Webtime Stories are enjoyed by grandparents, traveling or military parents and the kids in their family, too. And the recorded video provides your family with a multi-media keepsake that can be enjoyed for generations to come! For a few moments each night, Storytellers are superheroes, with the power to build literacy, build character and take a child to another world. That's what we mean by 'Say More Than Just Goodnight!'


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Day of release: 2013-10-20

Recommended age: 4+

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