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Bear in Underwear

*** Featured in Korea's Apple Kids "Color & Shapes" *** Get ready for a DY-NO-MITE adventure with Bear and his furry friends! A zany story sure to ...

Discontinued App


*** Featured in Korea's Apple Kids "Color & Shapes" *** Get ready for a DY-NO-MITE adventure with Bear and his furry friends! A zany story sure to bring giggles galore! Bear and his kooky friends are playing in the woods when Bear stumbles across a backpack. His friends encourage him to open the backpack and, when he does, out pops lots of pairs of underwear! Your child will get a kick out of all the fun Bear and his friends have trying on different pairs of whimsical underwear until Bear finally finds the pair that is DY-NO-MITE! This comical story will tickle every child’s funny bone, encouraging them to read it over and over again. And the fun doesn’t stop with the end of the story! Your child will also enjoy trying all the different pairs of silly underwear on Bear. CJ EDUCATIONS presents the funniest underwear adventures with Bear and underwears. based on the best-selling BEAR IN UNDERWEAR book, written and illustrated by well-known "pop artist" Todd H. Doodler with special collaboration by BLUE APPLE BOOKS. Recommended ages: 3 -6 FEATURES 1) Encourages reading development with easy-to-read text and text highlighting 2) Comically delightful animations and sound effects 3) Pleasing narration in both adult and child voices 4) Narration can be repeated by tapping the sentence 5) Music and narration can be turned off or on individually 6) Simple to use, child-friendly interface with no restrictive time limits 7) No in-app purchases or advertisements FUNCTIONS AUTO PLAY: Children will be captivated by the story as it is read aloud. READ TO ME: Beginning readers will enjoy being able to progress at their own pace as they read along. The highlighted text assists new readers while parents and more advanced readers may wish to turn the narration off to read independently. ACTIVITY: Dress Bear in all his funny undies! Learn words for undies.. Download BEAR IN UNDERWEAR today to encourage your child’s reading for a lifetime! * Rate and review this app in the App Store! * Like us and earn freebies: facebook.com/play123app * Visit us: www.cjeducations.com * Email us for app support: cjeducations@cj.net Delightful Learning Experience – CJ Educations


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