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Beatrix Potter

The first of a two-part collection of Beatrix Potter classics. Each story contains digitally remastered drawings by Beatrix Potter and is delightfully ...

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The first of a two-part collection of Beatrix Potter classics. Each story contains digitally remastered drawings by Beatrix Potter and is delightfully narrated by Aurora Dawn Celano. Stories can be read manually with finger swipes, or automatically by clicking the Narrate button. Simple interface designed for use by children. Stories included in Beatrix Potter – Collection 1: The Tale of Benjamin Bunny Peter Rabbit and his cousin Benjamin Bunny go to the garden of Mr. McGregor to retrieve the clothes that Peter lost in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. During their journey the cousins find some onions, evade a cat, and are assisted by Benjamin's father. The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit A fierce, bad rabbit steals a carrot from a good rabbit. Karma catches up to the bad rabbit when he is shot at by a hunter and loses his tail and whiskers. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit's cousin, takes the Bunny children—the Flopsy Bunnies—to Mr. McGregor's rubbish heap. There the bunnies happily discover a pile of overgrown lettuces. They eat their fill, fall asleep and are discovered by Mr. McGregor. Their perilous adventure follows! The Tale of Ginger and Pickles Ginger, a yellow tomcat, and Pickles, a terrier, run a store. Unlike their competition, Ginger and Pickles extend credit to their customers. Cash flow problems and commotion in the marketplace result, exacerbated by the actions of their customers and their competition. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck A duck named Jemima is annoyed because the farmer's wife would not allow the mallard to hatch her own eggs. Desperate, Jemima travels away from the farm to find a place to nurture her eggs. She meets a foxy gentleman who offers to help. Things seemingly are going well, but Jemima's conversation with the collie dog Kep leads her to question if the situation is what it appears. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher A frog named Jeremy Fisher goes fishing for minnows to serve at supper. Jeremy hopes to catch more than five fish so he can invite his friends to dine with him. Inclement weather and unruly fish, though, complicate his efforts! The Tale of Johnny Town-mouse Timmy Willie ends up in the city and meets Johnny Town-mouse. Later, Town-mouse visits Johnny in the country. A retelling of the Aesop Fable The Town Mouse and the County Mouse, the story points out how familiarity with one's surroundings affects peace of mind. The Story of Miss Moppet A kitten named Miss Moppet is teased by a mouse. Miss Moppet captures the mouse and makes it her toy, but the mouse escapes and celebrates by dancing a jig. The Tale of Mr. Tod A fox named Mr. Tod and a badger named Tommy Brock are neighbors of the rabbits found in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Mr. Bouncer Bunny, Benjamin Bunny and his children, as well as Peter Rabbit, all deal with the troublesome antics of their hungry, disagreeable neighbors. The Tale of Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit has an adventurous, exhausting day during which he disobeys his mother and loses his jacket and shoes after being chased by Mr. McGregor.


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