BeijingMath is a Web-based math practice environment that combines American style mathematics with the rigors of the Chinese national math curriculum. ...

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BeijingMath is a Web-based math practice environment that combines American style mathematics with the rigors of the Chinese national math curriculum. BeijingMath is designed to help students to learn and master the math in a proven, systematic manner. Who developed BeijingMath? BeijingMath was developed by a panel of education experts and experienced teachers from prestigious schools in China and was adapted to English by educators from top universities in US to better suit the US education system and culture. What is unique about BeijingMath? BeijingMath’s Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) system automatically generates engaging and challenging learning experience tailored to each individual. Using techniques drawn from machine learning and operational research, DDA system keeps students engaged and challenged by adjusting the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, and insane) for each question based on their past performances. Simply stated, DDA makes questions progressively harder with each correct answer. Therefore students are given questions at an appropriate level of difficulty, allowing them to work at a pace matched to their abilities. It’s fun and easy to use. The user interface is simple and intuitive to follow and the questions are designed with colorful graphic interface to appeal to young children. Additionally, instructive and interactive functions provide immediate feedback and keep students engaged. Since Beijingmath follows Chinese national math curriculum, students only need to follow the order of the chapters for each school year. When they have mastered each chapter, Beijingmath will automatically give signal that they have passed and allow students to proceed to next available chapter. Why use Chinese national curriculum? China is one of the leading countries in mathematics achievement and its success is often attributed to its national curriculum which builds math preparedness through incremental and systematic progression from the concrete to the abstract. What are the key benefits for teachers and parents? Beijingmath’s real time reporting enables teachers and the parents to analyze a student’s progress and performance. Teachers and parents are able to pinpoint individual needs and can create customized assignment to reinforce key skills. Six for ONE To address different learning pace between US and Chinese school years, students are given access to ALL six grades with one single license.


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