Optimized for iOS 7. A free, full features and really really fast reminders / todo app. Export to calendar, Import from and Email We ...

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Optimized for iOS 7. A free, full features and really really fast reminders / todo app. Export to calendar, Import from and Email We focus on how fast and easy users can set a reminder, because when you miss to set an event, any reminders app will be useless. How fast and easy? Users can enter a reminder without a date, and he/she will be reminded in 15 minutes (can be adjusted in settings). You will never miss a reminder. Or users can enter a reminder by just typing like "Call Johnny in 30 min". Or users can enter a reminder by emailing it to email address (Sign up first to activate this feature, it's free), he/she can enter a subject like 'Meet a the factory Monday 9am'. Or users can just use your voice to enter a reminder to (built in app), then open Beja to auto import your reminders created by this How smart? When you travel to a different timezone, it will show icons whether the reminder is using your current local timezone or the reminder is using your home town timezone, so you will not miss the reminders. Or, if you have a conference call with someone in Seattle, WA. at 10am Seattle's time, and you are in New York, you can just enter a reminder like 'Conference call at 10 PDT', this will auto adjust your reminder's time to New York's time. You can also differentiate overdue, today's, tomorrow's or future's reminders by looking at their colors. What else? Try it for yourself, it's free. This is a full features reminders app and we recommend you to read the tips and tricks under the Settings section, or just use it for your daily life to see if you like it. Features: - Push reminders via email (let your team mates push you one) - Push to for easy viewing/logging or viewing in Notification Center - Auto insert reminders from or server without opening an app (iOS 7 only) - Time zone support for each reminder event - Natural language date parser support (e.g.: Pick up Jane @9pm, WWDC June 10 at 10 PDT). Tips: Triple taps to clean up the time in reminder. - Add phone number, email and address from - Easy and fast navigation. One or two taps to move the event forward or backward - Left/Right Hand support - Advance recurring system for each reminder event. Such as Baseball 3rd Sunday at 5:30pm, or Piano every 2 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday at 10; - Import from built in Reminders app - Undated / Silent reminders - Quick add. Tips: Access quickly by tapping the header. - Logs for the last 30 days - Backing up and restoring reminder database feature - Speech command friendly. e.g. "Call Marry at seven" - Smart badges. Overdue, overdue + today and all. - Multiple Styles. - Turn on/off notification. - Snooze the reminder. Keep alerting you until it's checked off. - Copy, email or iMessage for each reminder event - Inform you which reminder event is set to destination time or auto adjust when visiting different time zone - When it sets to Auto Adjust Time, typing 'WWDC June 10 at 10 PDT' will translate to your local time. - Turn on/off Natural language on the fly by tapping the header when typing. - Set notification sound for each reminder event ## See our Video Ad : ##


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Version: 1.5.7

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