✳ The LARGEST COLLECTION of Bernini's work. ✳ Welcome to the HD world of Bernini. ✳ HD collection of masterpieces of Bernini + Interactive Biography ...

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✳ The LARGEST COLLECTION of Bernini's work. ✳ Welcome to the HD world of Bernini. ✳ HD collection of masterpieces of Bernini + Interactive Biography Book + Many more other features= This App Features: ★ 1) HD Art Gallery In this app, we have a collection of great HD artworks throughout Bernini life history. We are constantly updating our database to include more artworks. ★ 2) Great Educational Contents ✓ We have integrated a beautiful book to illustrate the timeline of art. ✓ You can bookmark your favorite page, and even print them out right from your apps! ★ 3) Detailed series and categories We collect his works mainly according to different series. ★ 4) Advanced Search Engine Search by artwork name, series, year or whatever keywords you can think of. ★ 5) Multiple platform supported iPad/iPhone/iTouch Compatible! Buy one copy and get them on all your devices. ★ 6) Retina HD enhanced This app is enhanced to display stunning graphics on iPad 3's Retina screen, enjoy HD art works! ★ 7) Documentary Selected Youtube Documentaries on art. Visualize and enhance your understanding! ★8) Slide show with background music Instantly turn your device into a e-frame! ★ 9) Off-line Data ✓Once you download this app, everything is all set. ✓Browse great artwork in subway, a remote island, anywhere without the help of Internet. ----------------------------------------------- ✓ Accessibility: access to information without wifi or 3G connection ✓ Updated Information: We update our image bank frequently. ----------------------------------------------- ❐ ©MOKOO 2012, All Rights Reserved. Design and Interface Protected by copyright law. ----------------------------------------------- Problems or questions? ❐ We value your thoughts over this app. Please send us your feedback or your ideas in terms of what to be included in this app. ❐ If your suggestions and feedbacks are coming, our next update is also coming. ★ Proudly Presented by MOKOO: Technology Connecting Humanity ★ --------------------------------------- ❐ MOKOO's feedback policy for Art Apps: If there is any artwork that you think is important in western art history is not displayed in our app, please send us an email, we will include those artists and artworks in our next update.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 22.57 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by WEI YAO

Day of release: 2012-10-18

Recommended age: 12+

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