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Our new BetVictor Financials iPhone App means you never have to miss another trading opportunity as it allows you to keep an eye on the markets, monitor ...

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Our new BetVictor Financials iPhone App means you never have to miss another trading opportunity as it allows you to keep an eye on the markets, monitor your positions and react quickly by accessing your BetVictor Financials iPhone App 24 hours a day wherever you are and even on the move. Our FREE iPhone App is an essential tool for managing your BetVictor Financials Spread Betting and CFD trading account. The BetVictor Financials iPhone App lets you: - Check the latest prices and market movements instantly - Open and close positions - Set stops and limit orders including If Done and OCO (One Cancels Other) orders. - Check your account balance, trading performance and available resources - View and amend your Portfolio Our BetVictor Financials iPhone App has been developed using the very latest technology which is fully encrypted to the same level as our website, ultra secure and has been rigorously tested. Visit the App store, search ‘BetVictor Financials’ and download the BetVictor Financials Spread Betting and CFD Trading iPhone App today. Please note, you will need a live BetVictor Financials account to use this App. You cannot access this App with a demo account. Device Requirements: You will need to download Operating System 4 or higher in order to use our iPhone App. To apply for an account: Apply for a Spread Betting account at www.betvictorfinancials.com For more information, please contact BetVictor Financials on 020 7456 7577 or visit the website. About spread betting and BetVictor Financials: BetVictor Financials is a trading name of London Capital Group Ltd (LCG), whose parent company, London Capital Group Holdings plc, is an Aim listed Financial Services organisation. We pride ourselves on offering great value on a market leading platform. BetVictor have chosen to partner with London Capital Group in recognition of the fact that they have the same core values and approach to customers and service levels as we offer all of our clients across the globe and across our other core products With a BetVictor Financials account you can make Spread Bets or trade CFDs on a wide range of financial products using one of the several major currencies. We offer prices on UK, European and US shares, world indices, commodities, foreign exchange and bonds. With typical spreads significantly tighter than those offered by most of our competitors we offer a better value service to our customer base. For example we quote just a 1 point spread on the FTSE Rolling Daily, DAX and the Euro/USD*. In addition to this our margin (deposit) requirements are highly competitive. *Jan - Jul 2012, spreads fixed 100% of the time. Spreads may vary overnight and in extreme market conditions.


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